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How To Choose The Right Bikini Top For Your Body Type

Are you overly sensitive when it comes to picking out swimwear?  If you are, you are not alone!  Believe it or not, there is a perfect swimsuit style for every body type and we gals must know how to choose the right bikini top so that we accentuate and draw attention to our best areas, and not the reverse.  Picking the right bikini top is sort of like picking out a pair of skinny jeans, bra, or jean shorts — a touchy subject!  It’s important to remember that you don’t need a perfect Victoria’s Secret model body, just the perfect top to flatter your assets.  When choosing a bikini top to flatter your figure, choose a store that gives you access to a variety of styles and the ability to get opinions on which one looks best on you.   Headed to Miami, Florida this winter for a little cold weather getaway or Art Basel?  Read on to see what to wear in Florida during the winter plus how to choose a bikini top for your body type.

how to choose bikini top for your body - bikini fit guide

See our bikini fit guide tips below…

The essence of hunting for the best style is to have the very best fit…for you!  The swimsuit stylists over at Sunbain know a thing or two about going about the bikini top process.  In fact, they actually curate swimsuit brands on their website so that they can offer their clients with only the very best styles that are known to have the right fit, best quality, and most unique look on the swim market. If you want to increase bust size, be sure you look for molded tops, ruffles or extra padding. If you want extra support for your bust, opt rather for contoured seams, molded cups or underwire. The art of finding the ideal top is about enhancing your asset!

Here is a guide to help you determine which bikini top is the right one for you.

A Gal’s Guide To Choosing A Bikini Top

  • Halter Bikini Tops
    • Most comfortable and supportive shape
    • Women of any size or shape can use it
    • Very traditional fit
    • Ideal for lifting and separating bust
    • Enables your back to be uncovered and maximize your sun tan exposure

how to choose bikini top for figure - halter bikini top - sunbain

  • Triangle Bikini Tops:
    • Classic style that never goes out of style
    • Resort-ready style
    • Simple and stylish
    • Perfect for small busts
    • Ability to adjust your cleavage providing a perfect neckline and balance
    • Both stylish and sexy

how to choose right bikini top for your body - triangle bikini top - bikini style guide

  • Bandeau & Strapless Bikini Tops
    • Ideal for no tan lines
    • Make waves at the beach/pool
    • Perfect for smaller bust
    • Avoid prints if you are fuller
    • Stay in place well and have either an inner elastic band or an adjustable drawstring to hold it in place

how to choose right bikini top for your body - triangle bikini top - bikini style guide 2

  • Underwire Bikini Tops
    • Designed for comfort and support
    • Pushes your bust together and lines it up perfectly
    • Avoid prints and brighter colors if you have a fuller bust
    • This design provides you with more lift and volume
    • The top is specially made to have a thin wire type material that loops around to provide the needed support

how to choose bikini top for your body - underwire bikini top - sunbain

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