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“It” Mobile Friendly Bags That Fit Your iPhone 6 This Spring 2016

This spring, look forward to adorable little handbags that fit your iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6 plus.  That’s right, mobile friendly bags are now a thing as designers get on the tech bandwagon.  My ultimate pet peeve is holding both a clutch + cell phone in left hand, drink in right hand, and coat on arm.  How is a sophisticated gal to operate like this? There’s definitely no professional shaking of hands with this situation.  Fret not modern lady, as the spring 2016 season bags are all about being mobile friendly as they have been designed to fit your large iPhone 6 plus, lip gloss, and credit card.  mobile friendly bags spring 2016We’re not talking iphone cases with straps, although those can be amazing, we’re talking “it” season designer bags from the world’s most coveted brands.

Seen showcasing mobile friendly bags on the Spring 2016 runways were Burberry with their Oblong Belt Bag, Chloe with their Faye Mini Crossbody Bag, Chanel with their airport terminal cell bag, and Louis Vuitton with their coveted Petite Malle bag.  With so many contemporary brands jumping on the mobile friendly handbag trend, you can bet your bippy it’s here to stay! All of these little bags have measurements that just slightly fit the iPhone 6 plus phones, which if you’re wondering measures 6.25″ x 3″ 0.25″, so you can still get away carrying a fancy little purse. Want in on the tech-friendly, mini handbag trend? We’ve picked out some of our favorite spring 2016 styles for you to shop or pre-order now!

Top Mobile Friendly Bags To Buy This Season

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