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Mules vs Slides – A Rant About What The Difference Is Anyways

You’ve probably heard about mules or slides lately…or maybe you haven’t. But, you’ve definitely laid eyes on a pair of these trendy, weird looking (perhaps) shoes via Instagram. Don’t worry, we’re going to get into mules vs slides and what each is in just a second. At first glance, you may hate these shoes. But at second or third glance on your favorite fashion bloggers, you’re bound to love them. I LOVE mules and I LOVE slides. I want them in every style and color possible. Seriously, can’t get enough. SO, what’s the difference between mules and slides?

Mules vs Slides – Who Knows/Who Cares?

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what the difference is. LOL. Why? Because online retailers don’t even know, so why should you care? A quick search for mules will turn up both mules and slides, both titled incorrectly. Lately, retailers are even beginning to call mules slippers. I mean, really? No! Slippers are for indoors and to be worn with pajamas. Mules are outdoor shoes. Slides are outdoor shoes. Here’s all our favorite slide sandals at all price points.

What Are Mules?

Mules are supposed to be open back, slip on shoes with a closed toe. They can be flat or with a heel. They’re completely blast from the past, circa 1990’s. The Gucci rose mules are our favorite designer mules and just came back in stock here. However, I do love a great mule at a lower price point too. My go-tos right now are the Via Spiga Perforated Adeline Mule in white, although they also come in blush and black leather.

Before you say, mules are clogs…no! Clogs are chunky with wooden or rubber soles. I like to think that mules are more refined, sophisticated, and on trend. Clogs are German beer girl-esque and not okay in public, whereas mules are style icons at fashion week.

mules vs slides - nubry wearing via spiga mules spring 2016

These are mules – closed toe slip on shoes. Buy this pair here.

Shop my outfit: Bralette, Shoes, Wallet, Hat, Skirt

Women’s Mules from $89

What Are Slides?

Slides are quite similar to mules, but I promise, they’re different. Just like the mules, they slip on and can be flat or with a heel. When comparing mules vs. slides, slides are supposed to be open toe. So, in a way, slides could be a bit more refined than mules. My favorite, mid-priced slide sandals right now are the Via Spiga Gwendolyn Slide Sandal available in black, blue, and tawny suede as well as white and nude leather.

mules vs slides - nubry wearing via spiga slides spring 2017

These are slides – open toe, slip on sandals. Shop this pair here.

Women’s Slides from $49.95

In Conclusion

The important part is not that you know the difference between mules vs slides. Actually, it’s that you own a pair of these shoes for the spring/summer 2017 season. I’ve scoured the internet and tried on all the best styles in the stores. So take it from a mule/slide expert! In this post you can shop my favorite styles that you need to add to your wardrobe stat. I’ve listed great options at all price points. Happy shopping!


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