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15 Style Rules To Break During New York Fashion Week

Throughout the years, the fashion world has created many rules, many of which we must adamantly follow. As New York Fashion Week SS’15 approaches this Thursday, there are some serious style rules that you’ll want to take note of. We’ve been taught not to wear white after Labor Day, that we never wear our socks with our heels, that we not mix leopard print with an entirely different print, and that we remember to always take 1 accessory off before we leave the house.

Fashion rules to break at NYFW ... new york fashion week ss15

Fashion rules to break at NYFW …

Rules like these have long been followed by fashion lovers everywhere, but old fashion adages are being thrown out the window as new trends go against everything we know. As designers embrace known fashion faux pas, we see “ugly trends” pop up all over the runways … and we’re so okay with it.

From models wearing flirty ankle socks with high heels to street style stars mixing prints, designers everywhere are proving that some fashion rules are just made to be broken. Girl, go out and rock a few classic fashion no’s this week! With New York Fashion Week SS’15 just days away, there’s no better time to get started pushing your fashion limits! Below, we list 15 style rules that you should break now!

New York Fashion Week: 15 Style Rules Meant To Be Broken

1. Don’t Mix Gold and Silver Jewelry

Mixing gold and silver jewelry can be a totally chic way to amp up the look of your outfit. We hate this rule!

2. Sequins are for Evening Only

Wearing sparkly clothes can look great in the day time by dressing it down, so it doesn’t look like you’re headed to the night club. Trying wearing a sequin skirt or clutch with casual materials like cotton or silk.

Sequins for day!

Sequins for day!

3. Don’t Let Your Bra Show

Some bras are too pretty to be covered up. Show off a nice lacy bra or a pretty bralette by wearing a sheer shirt or a shirt with low cut sides or front for a sultry look.

Mixing prints!

Mixing prints!

4. Don’t Mix Prints

You can see mixed prints in almost every fashion magazine, website, fashion blog, and runway. Try your hand at it by wearing different prints in your next outfit.

5. Clutches are for the Evening

Clutches are no longer for the evening. With clutches coming in different sizes and colors they can be worn at any time of day. We love the oversized clutch for day.

new york fashion week style rules - mint monochromatic outfit

Wear monochromatic looks!

6. Don’t Wear One Shade from Head-to-Toe

The monochromatic look is a cute new trend that is so easy to rock. Definitely break this rule at NYFW!

7. Shorts are Only for the Summer

Wear some chic or colorful tights under shorts for a cute fall look. We love Bootights for fall/winter because they support your feet with extra padding compared to a regular tight.

8. Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

This is such an old rule and it’s about time that you break it! White dresses, skirts, and shoes are so cute and they shouldn’t be limited to being worn at a certain time of year. Think winter white!

new york fashion week style rules - ankle socks with heels

Wear ankle socks with heels!

9. Less is More When it Comes to Jewelry

Piling on jewelry is the new trend now of days, ahem, remember The Man Repeller’s “Arm party” style invention?

10. Don’t Wear Denim on Denim

Really? Today, you can see celebs everywhere sporting this trend. Try it!

11. Short Women Shouldn’t Wear Long Dresses or Skirts

This rule has been around for a long time, but it’s completely not true. Long dresses and skirts can actually make women look taller if the fit is right…just slip on a pretty heel to offset the length.

12. Tall Women Shouldn’t Wear Heels

Who came up with this rule anyway? Tall girls should wear whatever they want, especially heels. Hello supermodel!

13. Red Lipstick is for the Evening

Red lipstick is such a bold, bright color that it should be rocked at any time of day. See how to apply perfect red lips here.

Clutches are for daytime too!

Clutches are for daytime too!

14. Sneakers are Only for the Gym

Sneakers come in super cute styles and colors these days. It’s almost impossible to not wear them outside of the gym!

15. Only Wear One Bold Color at a Time

Take bright colors to the extreme by rocking different bold colors at one time, especially neons and pastels.

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