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Sewing For Beginners: Where To Begin If You’re Clueless

Clothes cost a lot of money.  But, duh!  Not only that, you can never actually have a truly unique wardrobe if you’re shopping the same stores as all the other gals. Ladies, for those of you who want a gorgeous, yet individualistic wardrobe, you should make their own clothes!  Read on to find out all about sewing for beginners.

sewing for beginners - where to begin?

sewing for beginners – where to begin?

Not only is making your own clothing better for the environment, it’s also quite fun and creative…and it’s less expensive too! Click here to see how to make DIY jean cut-off shorts.

Making your own clothing, made out of high quality material, is the perfect option when you want something special that you won’t find anywhere else.  Try it and see if you like it…you might just find a new hobby for life!  There are plenty of sewing for beginners resources that you can utilize to make something new out of something old, or to turn a plain piece of fabric into something spectacular. There are sewing books, online sewing tutorials, written how to’s, and short videos. They’ll all help you get to the level you’d like to be at when it comes to making your own clothes. Start off small and you’ll soon be able to sew things you never have dreamed of. You must remember, though, that it’ll take time to learn certain things; you won’t usually be able to make something in under a day, or even a few days. Some pieces might take you weeks!

So, how to go about creating your own gorgeous apparel?  Read on to find out what equipment you’ll need for sewing for beginners as well as some must-know sewing tips.


Sewing For Beginners — Where To Begin


  • A tin filled with needles and thread is important, along with other essentials such as buttons.
  • A sewing machine will make the work easier for you, but will take a bit of getting used to. If you’re persistent you’ll get there eventually!
  • Anything that you plan on customizing your clothes with, such as gems, badges, fabric dye, etc.


  • Take a class, seek advice from a seamstress, or sign up for private lessons if you’re totally clueless on how to use a sewing machine. You’ll be ready to start on your own once you know a few basics.
  • Decide on the kinds of things you want to make so you know what to buy and how much budget you’d like to allocate towards it.
  • Pick a sewing machine that suits your budget, preferences, and works for the items you want to put together. Read reviews before you make your selection, like this Brother se400 review. Some machines won’t cost you much at all, others will cost you thousands, so it’s quite essential that you choose one that’s right for you.
  • If you can, borrow a machine from a friend so you can be sure the novelty doesn’t wear off before you splash out.
  • Start with patterns for beginners. If you get ahead of yourself and try to create something complicated, you’ll probably only feel disheartened when you see how hard it is.
  • Make test garments out of fabric you aren’t bothered about, so you can be sure it fits right before you ruin your nice fabric.
  • Don’t be afraid to customize clothing that you already own!  Refashioning is a very cool thing to do these days, especially with festival season approaching. Hello Coachella and Stagecoach!

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