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Stagecoach Festival: 7 Trends To Include In Your Concert Wardrobe

Stagecoach festival is like the Coachella of country music, and just like Coachella, what you wear is just as important as who’s performing. With Stagecoach 2014 falling just 7 days after weekend two of Coachella, you need to plan your outfits way in advance if you want to be on top of your country fashion game.  Otherwise, how else would all the cowboys take notice of you?  If you’re stressing out about what to pack just as much as you are about what to wear, look at our music festival survival guide here.

stagecoach festival outfit ideas

What to wear to Stagecoach Festival – see below for outfit ideas!

Lace and crochet are always a must – whether they appear in one’s shorts, top, or dress – and these two textures need to be a part of one’s festival style. Many concert-goers settle with everyday flip flop sandals, but save your toes and your style by wearing leather ankle boots instead. The sun will be beaming down on your skin all day long so grab aviators and throw your hair up in a ponytail to look casual, yet very country chic.

High-waisted shorts are another must, but if you add unique fabric to the back pockets, your everyday look will be one of a kind! If you want a more edgy, not so southern belle look, rock a cut off vintage tee with a fringe vest.

Below, we’ve shared this year’s hottest fashion trends to help you get through the music festival season in style and make sure that you are up to date on what to wear to Stagecoach 2014!


Stagecoach Festival: 7 Trends To Include In Your Concert Wardrobe

1. Lace & Crochet – You can find lace/crochet everywhere these days. Shorts, tops, dresses, kimonos- it’s all over the place! However, no lace is identical so including any piece that is made of lace or a crochet fabric will add flirty style to any casual look. Be even more adventurous and choose a color other than white to add pizzazz.

Stagecoach Festival_Lace Top

2. Leather Ankle Boots Most Stagecoach festival fans usually resort to sandals because the heat tends to be a little over-bearing. But what they end up regretting is getting their feet smashed by drunken cowboys and a lot of dirt in between their toes from all the dust. Gross! Ankle boots add a little edge to any babydoll dress, and can help you break away from the crowd of cowboy boots taking over the fields. Take this trend even further and try out fun colors like red and blue to really make a fashion statement. Jessica Simpson did it in Dukes of Hazzard, why can’t you? To see Nubry’s favorite leather ankle boot this season, click here.

Fashion Tip: Be sure to break your boots in BEFORE you bring them to Stagecoach so that you don’t have to suffer through painful blisters all weekend long. Also, pack an extra pair of socks in case your feet sweat more than you’d like.

Stagecoach Festival_Ankle Boots
3. Turquoise Jewelry – The best part about everyone’s all-time fav stone is that is goes with every single color you could imagine. Not only does it fashionably represent the south and country music, but it’s pretty darn cute, too. Stack turquoise on top of any other jewelry you want, with any color scheme you want, and you are bound to be one of the hottest audience members Hunter Hayes has ever laid eyes on.

Jewelry Tip: If you want to protect your expensive turquoise jewelry from getting damaged or lost, buy the cheap stuff (you can’t tell the difference) and be sure to paint the inside of your jewelry with clear nail polish to prevent the metal from turning your skin green. This also helps with earrings if you have sensitive skin and are allergic to most metals.

Stagecoach Festival_Turquoise Jewelry

4. Aviators & A Messy Ponytail – How excited are you that we’re telling you to pull your hair back?! It’s gonna be hot, so you might as well dress comfortably. Nothing goes better with your favorite pair of aviators (or any sunglasses) than a high messy ponytail. After you pull your back in to a ponytail, pull out the hairs around your face and loosen the pony just a little to get that effortlessly sexy “I woke up like this” effect. Add a fun color or pattern headband to not only look cute, but it can also absorb all the sweat you work up while you shake it for Luke Bryan.

Stagecoach Festival_Aviators

Shop Stagecoach 2014 Fashion Trends:

5. Patch-Pocket Shorts – About 95% of girls at the Stagecoach festival will be wearing denim shorts. Whether yours are low-rise or high-waisted you want something that will separate you from the crowd. By adding a unique piece of fabric to the back pockets, or the inside panel of the front pockets, you can be individually stylish among a crowd of cut-off denim. You can find a lot of DIY tutorials on this on Pinterest, and we have found that it is so easy and so adorable! Aztec prints, vintage florals, and even lace will be a perfect choice of fabric for your custom Stagecoach shorts. Try to refrain from packing those american flag printed shorts, because although they’re extremely cute…they’re so last Stagecoach.

Stagecoach Festival_Patch Shorts

6. Cut-off Vintage Tees – Here’s another DIY for you! While you can find vintage cutoff tees in all the top stores, you can also achieve this look for much cheaper at home. Head to your local thrift store and find your favorite band tee, or any shirt with a cool graphic. Grab some scissors, cut armholes as big or small as you want and you are now one of the edgiest and comfortable girls at Stagecoach 2014. This trend can be paired with almost all other trends mentioned in this post, which means you may just have yourself one ultimate outfit!

Stagecoach Festival_Cut Off Tee

7. Fringe – If you aren’t going for the classic Southern Belle look, fringe is your friend. Stagecoach festival will be flocking with cowboy hats and boots paired with a floral babydoll dress and a hair bow. Not you. You’ll be looking chic as ever rocking out in your suede fringe vest with your loose curls blowing in the wind and a cold beer in your hand. Fringe is the ultimate statement piece, because whether you like it or not, it makes people look- and in this case, the cowboys will like what they see.

Stagecoach Festival_Fringe Vest

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