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The Hunt: Help Me Find This Leopard Printed Camilla Dress For Less

I recently wore an amazing leopard printed Camilla dress in Las Vegas while there for The Palazzo’s summer festival, Carnevale, and I’m now on the hunt for this look for less. This fabulous dress, originally from Singer 22, got me so many compliments and questions while I was in Vegas and also on our social networks like, “where can I buy it?” and “where can I buy something similar for less?”

Posted on The Hunt - searching for similar Leopard Camilla dress for less!

Posted on The Hunt – searching for similar Leopard Camilla dress for less!

This Camilla dress (I’m on the right) retails for approximately $640 and unfortunately is now sold out!  So here’s the task, I need to find this dress for less so that I can help my friends out and they can buy it for the right price.

There’s a website called The Hunt whereby a person can post a picture of an item they are looking for in hopes that the rest of the internet can help them find their desired product.  I was clearly skeptical about this at first, but I tried it out.  I visited The Hunt and clicked “Start A Hunt”.  After uploading this pic of me wearing the dress, a short description, and noting that I was interested in finding a dress similar to the one in the pic, but for <$100, I was done and I quickly left The Hunt to visit my Facebook page. You know, normal internet stuff.

A few minutes later, I received an email alert on my iPhone from The Hunt telling me “Mickey found something for you!”. Curious as to what Mickey had found for me – granted, I don’t actually know any Mickey – I clicked on the email and was forwarded to a variety of product – very similar to my dress – that I could shop for < $50!  I was in shock, not just because someone random had found the dress for so little, but because the styles they had posted for me to check out looked almost identical.  See for yourself in the pics below.

So, I guess you could say that my hunt is over now and I have the answer for you all!  You can shop this $640 Camilla dress for $50 thanks to The Hunt with these very similar options below.  Try out The Hunt for yourself and let me know what you think.  I’m pleasingly hooked!

The Hunt: Leopard Printed Silk Flowy High Low Maxi Dress – This Look For Less

Search for less for this Camilla dress on The Hunt

I’m Searching for this Camilla dress for less on The Hunt

Products Sucessfully Found For Me For Less From The Hunt:

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