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10 Dating Mistakes Women Make On Valentine’s Day – And How To Avoid Them

It’s times like the beloved Valentine’s Day that our brains turn into chaos. We ladies tend to get so critical of ourselves when a big date is approaching that we lose sight of ourselves and make the situation way more stressful than it needs to be. So in order to keep your Valentine’s Day from crashing and burning, we’re cluing you in on the worst dating mistakes that women make!

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10 Dating Mistakes That Women Make…and how to avoid them

You may think you’re about to sweep your man off his feet, but beware because making any of these mistakes could be the difference between true love and the friend zone. Eeeeek!  It’s important for us gals to stick together, especially when it comes to dating advice.Gossiping about the dirty details of your date is almost more exciting than the date itself. To make the date exciting, you need to prepare better than you think you do.

The most important part of a date (especially a first date) is to relax and be yourself. Below we’ve pinpointed the 10 dating mistakes that women make on Valentine’s Day as well as our advice about make-up styles to avoid, style tips on what to wear, and what you should and should not expect from your Valentine.

Editor’s Note: Dating mistakes can happen all the time without women even noticing. So for this Valentine’s Day, take a deep breathe, store your cell phone in your bag, dress yourself in fab self confidence, and enjoy a romantic night with your loved one.


10 Dating Mistakes Women Make On Valentine’s Day

1. RELAX! – The worst thing you can do as a date night approaches is stand in front of a mirror and nitpick all the things you don’t like about your appearance. Women have a terrible habit of trying to change themselves for love. We starve our bodies with juice cleanses, we invest in fake eyelashes, we get spray tans, etc. We try our best to be on our most lady-like, southern belle behavior when in reality we end up looking and acting like a completely different person. The important thing to remember is that he asked you out because he likes the person you ALREADY are. Take a deep breath and be yourself.

2. Find the happy medium between slutty & conservative – We know you can’t wait to show off your sexy red lace lingerie you bought just for V-Day, but don’t let it show until you two have some private time. No one in the restaurant wants to see your slutty side, and you shouldn’t want strangers to see that either. With that being said, there is such a thing as being too conservative. No man will ever complain for showing off just a little skin.

3. Boobs or Butt, not both – It’s important to show off your assets, but not to throw your assets all over the place!  What’s better, your boobs or your butt?  Choose your best asset and show it off, just don’t show off all assets at the same time!

4. Wear heels, if appropriate – This is one of the most common dating mistakes girls make, thinking that high heels make it look like you’re trying too hard. Trust me, guys don’t read that far into women’s fashion!  It’s a known fact that heels not only make you look and feel sexier, but they can also take an outfit from cute and casual to seriously sexy. Not many nights require romance, so why not pull out all the stops for a special night like Valentine’s Day? Give your legs and butt a new public image by debuting those beautiful pumps you’ve been “saving for a good night”.

5. Don’t offer to pay – Some sources have recently begun to tell women that even if they have no intention of picking up the bill, they should still play it off and at least offer to chip in for the tab. We personally believe this is a no-no. He asked you out on a date, therefore he needs to fully understand what an honor it is to have you on his arm. We may not all live in castles wearing diamond-incrusted tiaras, but we certainly deserve to be treated like a princess on Valentine’s Day.

6. Don’t bring a gift along – If you have a little something you want to give your valentine, wait until you return home for the night to exchange gifts. Opening a gift in a comfortable environment, such as his/your house, will allow your significant other to have a more genuine reaction to your gift. So leave your homemade cards tucked away in your purse until you’re somewhere private.

7. Don’t be afraid to say no – There’s normally a lot of pressure riding on a Valentine’s Day date, but make sure you’re always comfortable with what’s going on between you and your beau. If things are getting hotter and heavier than you want, don’t be afraid to say no. Even if he bought you 2 dozen red roses, a giant teddy bear, and an infinity sign necklace with your names engraved on it – if you don’t want to be intimate with him, stand your ground and be honest with how you feel. Any gentleman will respect your position and continue to think the world of you.

8. NO CELL PHONE! – Do NOT, do NOT, do NOT whip our your cellphone during the date at any time. Unless you’re snapping the cutest kissing selfie of all time or the sunset is just that gorg, your cellphone stays in your bag on silent. No matter who calls or texts or tweets, it’s super rude to your date if your mind is focused on social media.

9. No glitter make-up – Ask any guy and they will all give you the same answer…they hate glitter. No matter what happens it will end up on his clothes or his skin. Boys can’t stand glitter, imagine them wearing it against their will! So keep your new glitter eyeshadow for a night out with the gals!

10. Don’t over-eat because it’s free – This dating mistake has multiple explanations. Don’t overeat and consume an entire 5 course meal with the plates licked clean because you never know how many layers you’ll be shedding with your Valentine’s Day company. It’s also uncalled for to order as many expensive things off the menu just because it’s free. Just because men are chivalrous enough to take us out to a nice meal doesn’t mean you should spoil it by entering a food coma or breaking his bank with your food desires. Don’t let dating mistakes like this happen to you!


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