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10 Relationship Red Flags That Scream He’s Not The One

When it comes to the world of love and dating, we want you to be your happiest and feel the best you can with your man. But, there are certain relationship red flags that you must be weary of when in a new love! Does he talk about his exes all the time or stare at and flirt with other women in front of you?  Does he lack ambition or think that the rules don’t apply to him?  Is he talking marriage on Day 2!?  These are dating red flags! Below, we have 10 relationship red flags to take note of when dating a guy…spot these red flags and run!!  How many times will you ignore these red flags before deciding to send him packing?

10 Relationship Red Flags

  1. The Sweet Talker — he’s the master of flattery and charm.  Yes, a little flattery is amazing when appropriate, but if it becomes annoying, it’s too much!  Don’t get to the point where you have to ask, “hmmm, why is he doing this?”
  2. Lack of Job — he lacks determination and drive. Brags about being financially well off, but has no way to back it up.

    10 relationship red flags - for women - dating advice

    Relationship red flags to spot and how to know when to give him the boot!

  3. Too Serious Too Soon — this kind of guy could be dangerous!  Patience is important and jumping the gun too soon is not healthy.  This guy makes you feel suffocated and he weasels his way into situations with you without him technically being welcome or having an invite.  He becomes angry out of the blue and sends rude texts when you have done nothing wrong to upset him.  He demands answers to questions like “where have you been” and “who were you with”.
  4. Braggadocio — he talks about his financial gains with you or huge grand returns on his investments. Guys that like to brag or exaggerate about their finances tend to be hiding a lack of something and may have other underlying issues like lack of confidence or self-worth. You want a man who is comfortable in his own skin.
  5. No Ambition — he’s a cry baby or whiner.  A man should have a hunger to seek what feeds him, not be hungry for everything to fall into his lap. He should want to give to you, not feel like you somehow owe him.
  6. Treats Strangers Unkindly — he has a superiority complex.  Have you have ever been on a date where a man is rude to the server or waiter?  A complete turnoff!  It is a turn on and is way more comfortable your man is a gentleman with strangers in front of you, in turn that shows respect for you. Any smart man knows he wouldn’t want you to feel awkward or uncomfortable in his presence.
  7. Rules Don’t Apply to Him — steer clear of this man! If common sense rules of life don’t apply to him, then the rules of dating and respect won’t apply to you…especially in the long run.
  8. He Is Never Wrong — if he has the attitude of “I can never be wrong” his ego is probably larger than life!
  9. Forgets the ATM — forgets to carry cash in cash situations more than once…OK, a lot more than once!  C’mon, man!
  10. He Flirts In Front of You — RUN!!! This is a sure sign of no respect for you and a lack of character.

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