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5 Stages Of Falling In Love With Your New Man

When things are just starting out with a new guy, the romance is amazing!  Romantic gestures come fast, can make your heart melt, and can cause you to believe that you’re in the beginning stages of falling in love.  Hey, you may very well be!  Everything he does is sweet and endearing, and you manage to smile and laugh … even at his worst jokes.  Meeting a guy you fancy puts a spring in your step that even the girls in the office notice straight away that someone new is in your life.  Sound familiar?  Read on for the 5 stages of falling in love with your new man.

stages of romance and falling in love

Here’s what happens when you fall in love…

1. He Catches Your Eye

It may all have started with a glance and a smile. He noticed you, then you noticed him noticing you. He may have waved which made you smile. The next thing you know, he’s walking over to you confidently with a good stride. He says “hi” and tells you his name. You reciprocate. Next thing you know, you’re outside alone with him and making a decision whether to give him your number.

2. He Sends Gifts

Once you’ve agreed to start dating him, the romantic gestures are wonderful. Some guys like to send flowers. You might even get an unexpected freesias delivery at your office for all the girls to woo over! For your first date, he might arrive at your door with a huge bouquet and a box of chocolates. The start of a new relationship means you get spoiled rotten. Flowers, chocolates and little gifts are his way of saying he really likes you.

As the relationship progresses, the frequency of gift giving may reduce greatly.  Don’t panic, though, it’s probably more about affordability than attraction.  Some guys like to bring you a bouquet of flowers for every date. If it’s a dozen red roses, it could be true love! Nothing says I love you quite like a rose. If you’re not there yet, don’t feel pressured into saying anything. Just give it a little more time.

If you’re really fond of the new man in your life, you might be thinking of him all the time. When you’re out at the store, you might spot something that you think he may like. Giving gifts to your new guy is a nice sentiment, but some fellas find it a little uncomfortable. It is traditional for the man to woo his lady with gifts, and some find reversing the roles a little too much still. This old-fashioned approach may not wear well with you, but it definitely shouldn’t be a reason to end things.

3. You Do Things For Him

There are lots of other romantic gestures you can make for your guy. Cooking him a nice meal or going to see his choice of movie are things that are often appreciated. You could cook something easy and fun together, like our gluten free farmer’s market pizza. Book a wine tasting evening, or suggest an activity you can do together on a date, like bowling. You can have a lot of fun with it. The best dates are the ones when you are both laughing, so keep it light.

Grab some gig tickets to a concert or live music performance. Make it extra romantic by booking a limo to take you both there. You can always take a cab to get home if the date doesn’t work out! If you are eating in a restaurant, you can offer to share your dessert. Feeding each other can be very romantic if your relationship is blossoming in that way. Even if you are at a game sharing a tub of popcorn, have fun with food. It can become very intimate quite quickly so it’s a good way to progress things if that is where the relationship is heading.

4. The Relationship Progresses To Next Level

New relationships bring excitement, happiness, romance and passion into your life. Sometimes you might feel things are rushing ahead faster than you are ready for. Don’t feel pressured to move things ahead. Romance is wonderful and may lead to intimacy, but it doesn’t have to. You can still enjoy all of his romantic gestures without having to commit to doing things you don’t want to.

Romance can be about the little gestures like a bouquet of flowers and a candlelit dinner for two. It can also be about holding hands, caressing your neck, kissing your body and sexual intimacy. Romantic gifts needn’t always be material things. You may want to offer some physical intimacies to your new man as well. This can be incredibly romantic and passionate at the same time. Take your time to enjoy each other as you move into this stage of your relationship.

5. Connection On An Intimate Level

You might want to put on some romantic music in the background if you’re having a date at home. There are lots of great love songs out there, but you can choose anything you like that sets the mood you want. Candle light or an open fire are great for firing up romantic feelings. You could sit down on a soft rug together or cuddle up on the sofa. Try some bubbly champagne and feed each other strawberries for the ultimate romantic date night in.

Sharing a bath and washing each other can be incredibly romantic when your relationship is ready. Lots of bubbles can be great to fill the tub. Use candlelight and have some lovely soft towels ready. If you don’t have a tub, showers can be just as romantic. Let him wash your hair and back for you. Kissing and cuddling under the shower can be very romantic and passionate.

Romance is the little gifts you give each other, like bouquets of flowers, chocolates, and kisses. It can also be the little things you do for each other, like finding interesting activities for your dates. You don’t need to write sonnets or poems to be a romantic. Sometimes the look on your face can say it all. Romance should make you both happy, so enjoy this new relationship to the full!

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