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How To Buy Diamond Stud Earrings For Your Lady

Diamonds are loved and treasured by women across the world. If you are looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for her, impress your lady with diamond jewelry this Valentine’s Day.  Your best bet?  Get her a gorgeous set of diamond stud earrings. Diamond earrings have a special place in every woman’s heart and when it comes to elegance and class they are unbeatable. In fact, not only are they an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, diamond earrings are the best gift to buy for your special lady during special occasions like weddings, engagements, and birthdays. If you’re not sure how to buy diamond stud earrings, read on for our mini diamond earring guide.

diamond stud earrings how to buy

How to buy diamond stud earrings for your lady

For jewelry settings, diamonds are combined with precious metals like Platinum, Titanium, Gold and Silver that help to showcase their radiance and beauty. Diamond stud earrings are quite versatile as they can be worn with different outfits regardless of whether one is going to work, to a party or to a wedding. It is this versatility that makes them special and loved by so many women. When choosing diamond earrings for her, you can make your choice based on design, metal combination, price tag, the 4 C’s — cut, clarity, carat, color — and of course personal taste.

In many cultures around the world, diamond jewelry is a symbol of love and romance. Moreover, diamond stud earrings perfectly suit different attires for a variety of occasions. Since buying diamond stud earrings isn’t as easy as it seems, we’ve put together a brief overview of how to go about purchasing the ideal gift set.

1. Know Her Style

When buying jewelry it is very important that you consider the person’s personal taste as this is what will inspire you to make the best choice. Knowing what she loves will help give you a clear picture of the earring design, shape, color, size as well as metal combination.

2. Talk To An Expert About Diamond Stud Earrings

Only an expert can tell you whether the diamonds you are buying are genuine. Poor quality diamond earrings take away the natural exquisiteness of the precious gem. Genuine diamond stud earrings are typically highly priced, but they are a worthy investment into your relationship.

3. 4 C’s of Diamonds – Cut, Color, Carat, Clarity

Before buying any diamond jewelry, the 4c’s of diamond quality are a must know: Carat, Color, Cut and Clarity. The cut is what makes diamonds bright and beautiful. Good clarity will help you stay away from flaws in a diamond. In terms of color, the finest of all diamond jewelry pieces are colorless. Last but not least, the carat is very important. The carat, which is the diamond stud, defines overall size and ladies do love large carats.

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