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How To Clean Your Engagement Ring On The Go

I don’t know about you, but I can’t even when my diamond engagement ring starts to look cloudy and dull.  You’ve always wondered how to clean your engagement ring, and now you will!  Up until recently, the only way I’ve known how to clean it was when I take the time to go to the jewelers and have it professionally cleaned (which is like once a year) or when I wash it under water with soap (which only temporarily hides dullness). There must be another way to get that brilliant diamond look we all crave, right?

Thank goodness for Baublerella’s new “Bling Brush” and “Glitzy Glove“, on-the-go jewelry cleaner and anti-tarnish polishing cloth, for your diamond engagement ring and really any other jewelry you have in your box. This duo slips right into your tote for spur of the moment cleanings and does the job in under 1 minute. Amazing! God sent! Wow your hubby this Valentine’s Day with a super shiny, blinged out diamond ring — just the way it looked when he placed it on your ring finger. Read on for tips on how to clean your engagement ring, just in time for Valentine’s Day or just because!

how to clean your engagement ring

How To Clean Your Engagement Ring

Step 1: Twist bottom of Bling Brush to release the formula.

Step 2: Using brush head, brush all around your diamond and along the band.

how to clean your engagement ring - bling brush 5

how to clean your engagement ring - bling brush 5

Step 3: Gently rub your ring with the Glitzy Glove polishing mitt until diamond is brilliant and shining.

rub diamond ring with anti-tarnish polishing cloth

Step 4: Marvel at how clean and beautiful your diamond engagement ring is.

clean engagement ring with bling brush

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