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13 Tips To Have An Amazing Relationship With Your Guy

Being in an amazing relationship with your perfect guy can be one of the best things ever.  Whether you’re in a serious relationship, engaged, married, married with kids, or even just in the beginning of a new and exciting relationship, it’s important to know how best to act and ways to maintain that healthy relationship so it’s always as fabulous as it was on Day 1. Of course, the more comfortable you get with one another, the more difficult it will be to have every day be like Day 1, but it’s certainly possible to always have that butterfly feeling when you kiss, keep things EXCITING, and feel that crazy love that everyone dreams of. Read on to know how to have an amazing relationship with your guy for many years to come.

how to have an amazing relationship forever

13 Ways To Have An Amazing Relationship

1. Don’t Ever Get Lazy

It’s easy to get home after a long day of work and throw on your sweats, eat something quick, and sit in front of the TV. And, although this is totally cool to do with your guy sometimes, it’s not something to get too comfortable doing. Remember in the beginning when you met on Doppler App?  He’d send a message asking you out and you’d run home to spiff yourself up after work, freshen your makeup, throw on a cute outfit, and head out to meet him for a drink and dinner to follow.  Keep this type of activity in your regular schedule. Don’t ever get lazy in your relationship.

2. Pay Attention To What He Says

When he starts talking about his day, something that happened at work, or a quarrel he had with his brother, don’t zone out. Pay attention!  Imagine how he feels when he sees that you don’t actually care about what’s going on in his life.  He’ll remember next time not to open up or worse yet, won’t give a care when you start spilling your drama.

3. Give Him Complements

You know when he tells you how beautiful you look, especially at the times your really need to hear it, well how many times do you tell him how handsome he looks? Or, you like his haircut, his new jeans, or that he looks so strong.  Guys need compliments too to boost their confidence and makes them feel good. Give him regular, sweet complements.

4. Take Care Of Yourself

This one is really important!  Your guy fell in love with you the way you were, so why would you allow yourself to eat badly, stop working out, not wear makeup, or dress too comfortably simply because you’ve tied the knot and are in an amazing relationship.  Not only does your husband want to always be with the woman he fell in love with, he wants you to be with a happy girl too. When you let yourself go, start slacking off, and getting way too comfortable, it’s inevitable that you will act differently. Exercise releases good endorphins and keeps you in shape, a healthy diet makes you feel good and have energy, and makeup allows you to feel beautiful and confident.  Always take care of yourself!

5. Like All His Recent Photos On Instagram That You Missed

Yes you follow a lot of friends, celebrity, businesses, and pets, making it near impossible to stay on top of his posts, but every like is important and when he notices that you’re not liking his posts, his feelings may be hurt. Remind him how special he is and go back and like all his pictures you missed, with a few comments thrown in too.

6. Cuddle Together

If you’re watching TV together on the couch or reading in bed, do it while cuddling. One thing always leads to the next…

7. Be His #1 Cheerleader

Show him how cool he is by making him know that you’re his #1 cheerleader. Life is stressful and to know that you always have someone behind you and supporting your moves can be a huge confidence booster.

8. Have A Go-To Support Team

It’s important to be open in your relationship, but your guy doesn’t need to hear about all the little dramas going on in your life with friends and acquaintances. Save the girl drama for your go-to support team, like Mom, sister, or BFF.

9. Put Away The iPhone

On a dinner date with the phone out? Put it away! I hate looking across a restaurant to see couples on their phones, texting away. Who are they texting and why are they doing it while on a dinner date? Spend this time together by talking and enjoying one another’s company.

10. Have An Amazing Relationship By Keeping It Interesting

Okay, so how exactly do you keep things interesting?  If you always eat out at the same restaurant (believe me I get it), switch it up and try something new. Get out of routine by going on a hike together on the weekend, going to a spin class, getting a nice cup of coffee somewhere cute in the morning instead of the usual Nespresso shot, or going on a weekend trip on a whim.  Try to do things out of the ordinary so your time together isn’t boring and obvious. Have you gone to Disney Land lately? Taken a weekend off to go camping? Tried the new hotspot restaurant in town?

11. Make Sure To Let Your Partner Know What You Want

Communication in a relationship is imperative, if you don’t let him know what you’re thinking, he probably wont be able to mind read, even though you wish he would sometimes! Be open in your conversation and let him know if somethings bothering you or if you want to see change.  It may not be easy to open open, but the more you do it the easier it will be to talk and work through any problems.  Allowing problems to go undetected for too long will inevitably lead to a blow up and a much bigger issue that can’t be fixed!

12. Take Time Out

If you spend every free hour together, switch things up by taking a little time out once in a while. Whether this be dinner and drinks, a hike, paddle boarding sesh, or a road trip to Palm Springs or LA for the weekend for pool time, R&R, and some good ‘ol girl pow-wow-ing. It’s a good idea to have your own space one in a while and blow some steam off.  Take time out to be with friends so you don’t ever get claustrophobic in your relationship.

13. Don’t Allow Outside Interference

As important as it is to be able to take time out, it’s equally important not to allow others to get involved in your relationship.  In most cases, its best not to discuss your relationship with friends as their negative and biased opinions could distract you and cause unnecessary problems. Your relationship is between you and your guy and doesn’t need the outside influence of girlfriends, family, etc.  Just imagine how you would feel if your guy was open about your relationship to all his friends.  Don’t open the door to outside influence.

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