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10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight For Your Wedding Day

It’s wedding planning season, which means as a future bride you are in the midst of attending wedding expos, searching for vendors like your potential florist, lights company, music, and invitations, as well as scouting out the best and easy ways to lose weight before fitting into your dress.  There are so many things to think about while planning for your wedding day!  Just like you have a wedding timeline, you’ll want to plan a weight loss timeline too so that you have ample time to lose weight the healthy way and avoid having to crash diet 30 days or even 14 days before your wedding day.  The medicially supervised KE Diet, fad juice cleanses, and the 10 day Master Cleanse are uncomfortable, unsustainable, and will undoubtedly contribute to additional stress leading up to the days before your wedding. Click to see how to live a detox lifestyle.

The countdown right before your wedding should be focused solely on you, the bride, looking your most beautiful, feeling relaxed (as much as possible!), and getting together any last minute shenanigans that are sure to arise, NOT stressing out about still having to lose lbs whilst feeling exhausted from calorie reduction.  No!  Follow our 10 must-know weight loss tips below about easy ways to lose weight for your wedding and you’ll be guaranteed to look your best ever in just a short period of time.  But, don’t wait until it’s too late, you’ll need to get started now to avoid any hurdles that you may run into.

bride weight loss tips - easy ways to lose weight for wedding

10 Easy Ways To Lose Weight For Your Wedding

1. Plan a weight loss schedule including daily calorie count and exercise with weight loss goals listed each week. Click here for quick cardio ideas to jumpstart your fat burn.

2. Make short term weight loss goals and hold yourself accountable so that you do not lose sight of the end goal, or worse, indefinitely postpone your weight loss efforts…thinking you can “start tomorrow”. See workout plans and tips for a bikini body.

3. Make a weight loss plan that is sustainable.  Don’t give yourself 2 weeks to lose 15 pounds!  Dramatically reducing calories and switching to 2-hour intense gym workouts are not the answer. You will burn out fast and crave bad foods.  Ideally, your weight loss plan should allow for 3 months with 1-2 pounds weight loss per week.

4. Use iLipo to get rid of stubborn fat.  If you have stubborn fat that will not go away even after a healthy diet and exercise routine, try iLipo at La Jolla Wellness Studio.  iLipo sessions are non-invasive with no pain, last 30 minutes, and will shrink and melt fat cells on desired body part in 30 days with 2 sessions per week.  Call La Jolla Wellness Studio at 858-444-0340 for details about their “Bride Package”.

5. Fresh Snacks: Always have vegetables and/or fresh fruit available so that when you need a pick-me-up, you snack on the right foods, not the wrong!  By munching throughout the day/, you’ll avoid the midday “crash” and you’ll maintain balanced insulin levels.  Try steaming green beans or prepare chopped lettuce and tomato in a tupperware container to-go. FYI -if you’re planning to eat in a public setting, avoid steamed broccoli, brussel sprouts, and cauliflower as these are vegetables smell horrible!

6. Avoid processed foods including protein bars as they are all loaded with sugar (including Splenda) and other processed ingredients that are toxic, which will prevent you from losing weight.  Focus all of your snacks and meals on fresh, natural ingredients that are low in sugar.  See how to detox your body and lose weight.

easy ways to lose weight - bride weight loss tips - late night eating

Avoid eating after 7pm when you’re trying to lose weight for your wedding.

7. Avoid eating at night and get into the habit of turning off the lights in the kitchen and closing the kitchen down after 7pm.  Eating after 7pm will hinder weight loss efforts.

8. Eat small portions that consist of low glycemic carbohydrates, low fat proteins, and healthy fats.  Fill up on vegetables including greens, broccoli, kale, chard, green beans, zucchini, and eggplant.  Choose lean proteins including organic, free range chicken and wild caught fish. And, consume small quantities of healthy fats including pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and avocado. Avoid dairy!  See tips on how to lose 10 pounds and why you are not losing weight.

9. Stay hydrated by drinking filtered water throughout the day. When you have a craving for something edible, drink water with lemon, and you’ll find that your “hunger” craving actually goes away.  Additionally, flushing the body with water gets rid of toxins and impurities that are attracted to fat.  These toxins are released via the detox organs, including the liver and kidneys, which is vital for a healthy and beautiful body…and bride!

10. Reduce your stress load because a balanced mind is very important for aiding in weight loss. If you are stressed, then you will have cravings and you’ll probably end up eating the wrong foods. Schedule a massage or attend yoga and meditation classes.  Make an appointment at the La Jolla Wellness Studio for massage, Reiki, meditation, and other stress relieving services.

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