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7 Budget Friendly Tips For Bridal Portraits Before The Wedding

Brides are increasingly more choosing to take their bridal portraits before the wedding day. Yes, it may seem strange to get into your wedding dress before your big day to take photos, but it can save you a great deal of time and stress before the real deal.  As this practice is really diverse, with different brides operating on a wide arrange of budgets and having completely varying expectations, it’s nevertheless all for the same reason — to ensure that the bride gets specific shots perfectly captured before tying the knot.  Pictures will tell the story of your wedding for years to come and this is one area of your wedding you don’t want to miss and there are great ways to take beautiful photos without the hefty price tag.

Taking bridal portraits before the wedding doesn’t have to be stressful and it can actually be stress-relieving to have the opportunity to work with your wedding photographer even before your wedding day.  Take your worries away by following these money-saving bridal photography tips that won’t have you breaking your wedding bank!

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Bridal Portraits Before The Wedding

~ 7 ways to save money and cut costs on your bridal photos ~

1. Quality Over Quantity

Save room in your wedding album for the Big Day by limiting how many shots are taken during this portrait session. Think about what shots are important to have captured before the whirlwind of the actual wedding and do them first to save yourself from future heartache. By having a clear idea of what you really want, you will save both time and money, especially with photographers who charge an hourly rate. You will also save money if your printing costs are lower.

2. Take Analog Photos

Give your bridal portraits a more personal or nostalgic touch by taking shots with film. For dreamy, far-and-away shots, think about using a Holga camera, which can be bought very inexpensively at your local camera store or online. Using analogue photography, colors will be richer, the saturation more dramatic, and the images more grainy evoking soul and character.  To process the film, you simply drop it off at any store that still processes 35mm film or you can also use a send-away service.

For the bride who wants to ensure her shots are turning out perfectly almost immediately after, consider getting a Fujifilm Instax 300. This new instant film camera takes pictures that are slightly bigger than its famous Polaroid predecessors with film that’s half the cost. If you don’t want to spend money on film, there are websites and apps that will filter and crop your image to look like an old fashioned Polaroid. Feel the nostalgia before the day is over with shots that look as retro as you want.

3. Shoot At A Local Destination

If you live in a beautiful destination, choose to take your photos locally, no need to travel far and away just to have a unique destination with no meaning.  Save you and your photographer some time and gas by choosing a local destination as your bridal portrait backdrop.

If you live in San Diego, head over to Scripps Pier in La Jolla, Centennial Park in Coronado, or North Beach in Del Mar for beautiful shots that feature the place where you and your fiancé will be building your lives together.  Not only are these locations easy to get to, but most of them do not require an entrance fee or permit either.

4. Have a Friend Do Your Hair and Makeup

Do you have a friend who has been asking to braid your hair since you were five or a mua (makeup artist) friend that’s instafamous or headed in that direction? With all of the stress of the impending nuptials, this can be a sliver of time that you have to share with your friend. Drink a girly, festive champagne while getting dolled up and get some wedding drama off your shoulders by sharing some good stories with your g-pal.  Don’t worry, she’s not going to roll her eyes, she’ll sympathize with you (and probably pour you some more champs). Laughter is a great stress reducer after all, so save some money and sanity, and have a nice time.

5. Have Flowers Delivered

Flowers can be very expensive, but can be well worth the money, so save money by getting a bouquet from an online florist delivered right to your door.  It’s silly to spend so much on a crazy expensive bouquet just for some photos.  Save the expensive bouquet for your actual wedding!  Additionally, you can take some of these flowers and make your own flower crown or clip some flowers into your hair. That way, you’ll be able to save a bit of cash for the actual wedding!

6. Don’t Forget the Little Finishing Touches

Think about the little things that symbolize your relationship: seashells from your first trip to the shore, the ring he won for you out of a machine on the pier, or those seal earrings that he gave you on your first anniversary. Sometimes, the most tiny and insignificant things can be the most meaningful, so why wouldn’t you include that in the photography for your wedding?

7. Smile

The days and weeks (and sometimes months and years) leading up to a wedding can be stressful.  Remember that your bridal portrait pictures are going to be passed down through the years. Ensure that future generations really know how much you love your partner by looking as happy as you feel together. Think about your life together and smile in your photos!


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