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Your wedding should be one of the best days of your life! It’s wonderful to have everything happen on that day just as you had dreamed. Choosing a wedding theme that fits your personality will make your big day extra special and memorable as you can tailor it just for you and your hubby-to-be. If you’re completely lost, clueless, and have no idea where to begin when choosing a wedding theme, we have you covered.

If you’re wondering how to choose your wedding theme, we have tips that will guide you in the right direction. All items pertaining to your wedding such as wedding gown, cake, wedding bands, décor, wedding florals, venue, and menu can all be integrated into a systematic theme to make your wedding unique and spectacular.  Choosing a wedding theme can be very exciting, but takes a little effort. Read on to see where to begin.

How To Go About Choosing Wedding Theme

  1. Choose something both you and your spouse love and enjoy. If you love elegance and style, you can have a theme that incorporates glamour, chandeliers, and exquisite interior décor set in an indoor venue. On the other hand if you love the outdoors, you could choose to have an outside wedding with greenery, florals, lanterns, and exciting outdoor activities. Bocce anyone?
  2. Choose a wedding theme based on the type of venue you have reserved. Does your outdoor venue have a barn, is it on a vineyard, or is it in a famous ski town like Whistler or Aspen?  Does your indoor venue overlook the ocean, have classic decor, or have a rustic feel? These noticeable features could greatly help you choose your wedding day theme.

    Choosing wedding theme - Classic Romantic Wedding - Ballroom Table Setting

    A classic venue served as the heart of a classic romantic wedding theme. Photo Credit: Nubry

  3. Get inspiration from a variety of real weddings. Get ideas on how various themes look in different settings. Spend time looking at many different wedding examples in bridal magazines and on Pinterest. We also have some great wedding ideas to get you started here.
  4. Where you met your spouse-to-be can help you choose your wedding theme. For example, if you met at or near the beach, then you could choose a beach-themed wedding. If your first date was on horseback, getting married in a barn could be a wonderful idea! The nostalgia of how you both met will be intertwined on your wedding day and it will make the day even the more special as you remember your first meetup again. You will also have an opportunity to share this memorable experience with your wedding guests.

    barn themed wedding

    A barn themed wedding for a couple who had a first date on horseback. Photo Credit: 100 Layer Cake

  5. Get great ideas from family or friends who are very creative and know a thing or two about design.  Those who know you best will be able to help you in choosing a wedding theme that suits your character and style because they are familiar with your likes, dislikes, and tastes.
  6. Your natural abilities or talents can help you to choose your wedding theme. For example, if you are a musician or love Rock’n Roll, you could have a music themed wedding where everything pays tribute to a favorite song, instrument, or artist and even the cake can be shaped as an instrument. If you are sporty, you can have a sports themed wedding where your decor, drinks, and desserts are based on sports equipment, balls, or ski slope names for example.

    music themed wedding with concert tickets as place settings

    Rock ‘n Roll music themed wedding with concert tickets as place settings. Photo Credit: My Hotel Wedding

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