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5 Styles Of Tungsten Wedding Bands For Budget Conscious

Wedding bands or engagement rings are the most precious thing for a couple who is going to tie the knot. Tungsten wedding bands are a unique and economically desirable choice for those shopping on a budget, although wedding bands can also be made of precious metals including gold, white gold, silver, palladium, and platinum.

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Find out all about tungsten wedding bands, below.

If you’re looking to save quite a bit of money, overlook the precious metals and opt instead for wedding bands made of tungsten carbide, which can be found in many different styles, shapes and sizes.

Tungsten wedding rings can be an ideal option for those searching for quality, design, and uniqueness.  Today, more and more men and women are choosing tungsten for their wedding bands due to low cost as well as the variety of elegant designs available.  They come in various designs such as classic dome, classic flat or pipe cut, step down edge, beveled edge, and faceted. Read on for more about these wedding band styles.

Editor’s Note: Tungsten wedding rings are scratch proof, durable and cost effective. To find out more about tungsten, see the 2015 tungsten rings guide.

Types Of Tungsten Wedding Rings

1. Classic Dome

Classic dome comes in a round shape and the is commonly found in almost all jewelry stores. In addition, classic dome tungsten wedding rings and bands can be found with various finishes such as brushed, florentine, polished, dual finishes, and more.  Click here for more information.

2. Classic Flat

Classic flat tungsten wedding rings come in pipe cut shape which is quite popular and available in all jewelry stores. Classic flat tungsten wedding bands also come with various finishes that include a curved finish where a sculpture is added into the metal.

3. Step Down Edge

Step down edge wedding rings are flat tungsten rings that are designed with edges that step down on each side of the ring. These bands come in a range of finishes including brushed, polished, florentine and dual toned.

4. Beveled Edge

Beveled edge tungsten carbide wedding bands come with a flat surface and a beveled edge. This shape is very popular in the market and its design is very unique. Beveled edge tungsten wedding bands are ideal for dual tone finishes where the edges stay polished with a brushed surface.

5. Faceted

Faceted tungsten wedding rings can be made both domed and flat. Faceted wedding rings are multi dimensional and have light reflecting properties that offer a prism effect.  Many women love the faceted tungsten wedding rings for their feminine designs.

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