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6 Wedding Registry Ideas For the Bride To Be

Summer is a great time to begin working on your wedding planning if you’ve got a wedding coming up in the next year or so.  Our wedding registry ideas will help you determine where to begin, what should be considered essential registry items, plus some non-traditional gifts to ask for.  All of the planning can sometimes feel more like work than fun — like searching for the perfect venue or setting up lighting —  but there are some things, like shopping for your dress and planning your registry, that are very exciting!  With summertime in full swing, make sure you don’t overburden yourself with the difficult things – make time for the fun stuff too!!

Whether you’re getting ready to move into your first house together or you’ll be staying in the same apartment the two of you have had for years, there are a few things you should be sure to include on your wedding registry. Read on for our wedding registry ideas that include both the essentials as well as other fun miscellaneous items you wouldn’t necessarily think of.

wedding registry ideas for bride to be

Where to get started if you’re planning your wedding registry…

6 Wedding Registry Ideas To Get You Started

There are a few items that are considered classics for wedding registries. Add these items to your registry first to make sure you don’t forget them, but do take the time to make sure you’ve picked out good quality items, as these gifts will probably become regular parts of your daily life.

1. Wedding China & Glassware — this item is a classic for the wedding registry and while you might be disinclined to ask for something you feel like you’ll only use every once in a while, you will probably be happy you have it later. Wedding china and glassware can be quite expensive, so you certainly won’t want to have to buy it for yourself when you realize that you’d like to have it for your nice Christmas dinner.

2. Housekeeping Items — as you get ready to start your married life, you’ll find that even as the two of you combine your belongings, there are many housekeeping items you still don’t have. Because these items can be expensive — and buying them all yourself can certainly add up — it’s a great way to utilize your registry despite the lack of glamour! Be sure to include any of these things that you don’t already have: a good quality vacuum cleaner, a microwave, nice quality trash cans for the kitchen and bathrooms, nice sheet and pillow sets for all of the beds in your home (it’s always nice to have extras for guest bedrooms, for example), laundry hampers, storage items like chests and opening ottomans, organizers for the bathroom or closet, a spice rack, etc. If you think it’s something you’d like to have in your home, just ask for it!

3. Gift Cards — when it comes to registries, sometimes it’s a good idea to include more things than you think you really need to. It’s very easy for a moderately-sized guest list to go through an average registry very quickly. Including suggested gift card ideas is a good way to give people an option to give you a gift that is a little more personal than a check.

4. Interesting Kitchen Items — this might include such useful items as an apple corer, an olive pitter, a citrus zester, or a garlic mincer. You might not think to go out and buy these items on your own, but they can be really useful to have. Then, think about splurge kitchen items you’ve had your eye on like an espresso machine, juicer, or ice cream maker.  There’s also unique items like a nice tea set or a pancake plate with syrup slots.

5. Hobby items — be sure to include wedding gifts that the both of you will enjoy together. If you and your fiancé enjoy doing a hobby together, like amateur beer brewing, think about asking for matching beer mugs. You can later get them personalized to have your new initials on them. Maybe your hobby is camping, which includes expensive purchases you might not normally make for yourself, like a new all-weather tent or a nice camping dining set.

6. Art — displaying art in your house can be an excellent way to make your space feel more personal, but nice art can be expensive. Choose out some very nice items and add these items to your registry. Wonderful art can be a purchase that you value forever.

Developing a wedding registry is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, but make sure your registry works for you. Avoid asking for items you know deep down you have no use for, but also don’t let your wedding pass by only to realize that there are tons of items you need and forgot to ask for. Take advantage of all of the great gifts you’ll be receiving and start off your married life filled with thanks.

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