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Having a baby for the first time or even second, third, or fourth can be nerve-wrecking. One of the things you may have come across during your pregnancy is cord blood banking. You want to do everything you can to protect your unborn child, but with so many companies trying to sell their product or service to you, becoming a mommy can be completely overwhelming. It can leave you wondering about what decisions are most important to make before your baby is born.

Cord blood banking and which company to bank with is definitely at the top of my importance list. Also at the top of my list? Ordering a crib, knowing which maternity bra to wear, installing the car seat, stocking up pn plenty of newborn onesies, as well as taking my hypnobirthing classes and prenatal acupuncture!

If you’re asking yourself, what are stem cells, what is umbilical cord blood, what is umbilical cord tissue, and how can cord blood stem cells treat my child, then click here.

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Why I Decided To Do Cord Blood Banking

I’ve been interested in cord blood banking with StemCyte Cord Blood Bank even before I knew that I was pregnant or had the thought about becoming a Mom. Why? Because of the health insurance policy that stem cells taken from the umbilical cord blood at birth may offer.

Stem cells from cord blood can help not only my baby, but potentially also my baby’s future siblings and my family members. Think Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma, and even myself or my husband.

Below, find out why I decided to do cord blood banking with StemCyte for my baby girl. Would love to know your thoughts on the benefits of cord blood banking if you’ve done it. If not, why you chose not to. Please leave your comments below!

1. Cord Blood and Cord Tissue Are Easily and Painlessly Extracted Minutes After Birth

After a baby is born, cord blood is left over in the umbilical cord and placenta. It is relatively easy to collect, with no risk to the mother or baby. Cord blood contains haematopoietic stem cells: rare stem cells found in the umbilical cord blood that give rise to all the other blood cells.

2. Cord Blood Banking Is A Health Insurance Policy For My Baby

If my child ever becomes sick, her stem cells taken from the cord tissue at birth may be used to treat her condition.

To date, more than 80 diseases have been successfully treated with stem cells including cancers (leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myeloma), blood disorders (thalassemias, sickle cell anemia, Fanconi anemia), and immune deficiency diseases.

Diseases potentially treated with cord blood stem cells in the future include Alzheimer’s, Autism, heart disease, Parkinson’s, stroke, diabetes, and more.

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When I bank my baby’s cord blood and cord lining, I’ll be preserving unique biological resources that can serve as a “self-repair kit” for my child if ever needed. A baby’s umbilical cord blood and cord tissue are rich sources of stem cells. These cells are genetically unique to each person. They have the ability to renew and replace cells in the blood, tissues, organs, and immune system.

Collecting the cord blood and cord tissue is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, possible only minutes after birth. Note: In order to save these lifesaving, genetically unique cells, you must make the decision to collect before delivery — ideally in your second or third trimester.

3. Cord Blood Banking Is A Potential Health Insurance Policy For My Family Members And My Baby’s Siblings

Not only can stem cells help my child, they can also potentially help my other family members like Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad, my siblings, and more. Stem cells are being used to regenerate healthy blood and immune systems after being damaged by diseases like leukemia and sickle cell anemia.

Recent clinical trials using stem cells from umbilical cord lining have shown promising treatment outcomes in the area of regenerative medicine, especially potential therapies for conditions like heart disease, stroke, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes. Stem cells from cord lining are also able to renew and replace skin cells, cartilage cells, fat cells, bone cells, cornea cells, liver cells, mucin-producing cells, and inner ear cells.

4. StemCyte Cord Blood Bank Offers A $50,000 Lifesaver Guarantee

In the unlikely event that a child’s cord blood stem cells fail to engraft, StemCyte will refund all service fees, an additional $50,000, and provide a replacement sample from their donor bank. No other cord blood banking company offers this exceptional guarantee to its customers.

5. StemCyte Is Highly Respected By Transplant Physicians, Obstetricians and Hospitals Worldwide

StemCyte has had almost 2,000 cord blood units transplanted to patients in over 300 transplant centers worldwide, making it is the most experienced in cord blood transplants. Additionally, StemCyte is the only private cord blood bank that is both FACT and AABB Accredited.


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