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10 Creative DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

While colorful flowers and sentimental store-bought cards will always garner appreciation from your mom on Mother’s Day, a handcrafted, tailored gift can leave a special and memorable impact. This upcoming Sunday, show her how special she is with a DIY Mother’s Day gift that’s personalized by you and something she won’t get from anyone else!  With just a little extra effort put into her handmade gift, she’ll be feeling one-of-a-kind the whole day through! Read on for 10 creative DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas.

10 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Handmade Cards

Words are powerful and cards are one of the simplest ways to show your mom you care. Instead of buying one with a generic message, design something she’s never seen before and craft the perfect note yourself. Whether it’s using Washi tape for your masterpiece or attaching your own tea label, there are plenty of handmade card ideas that will do the trick.

DIY mother's day gifts - handmade cards

Photo Credit: Robyn Moreno

2. Pressed Flower Glass Coasters

Using dried flowers is a popular DIY Mother’s Day activity, and pressed flower glass coasters are an easy way to beautifully showcase sentimental dried flowers or ones you bought just for the occasion.

pressed flower glass coasters - DIY Mother's Day Gift Idea

Photo Credit: Garden Matters

3. Garden Stepping Stone

If your mom likes spending time in her garden, or even if you just want to make something ornamental for the front or backyard, a garden stepping stone can be a fun outdoor activity you can do by yourself. Mosaic patterns look beautiful in a garden setting, and if you have children, you can use their hand and footprints as a precious embellishment.

garden stepping stone

Photo Credit: Midwest Moms

4. Chevron Paper Straw Frames

Looking for a cute way to exhibit photos as a gift to mom? These chevron paper straw frames are delicate, cheerful and use just a handful of materials to make.

chevron paper straw frames

Photo Credit: The Tom Kat Studio

5. Paint-Dipped Spoon Handles

Every mom can use a quality set of wooden spoons, especially ones with a burst of bright color. Pick one shade or multiple to complete your project.

6. Glitter Vases

Flowers are sure to put a smile on any mom’s face, but add a DIY glitter vase and you’ve just taken it to the next level. Use any glass container you choose, ModPodge, and your favorite glitter and you’re in business. In additional to florals, you can even use the vase to hold makeup brushes or pens and pencils!

glitter vases for mothers day

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Occasion

7. Handmade Jewelry Box

Whether your mom has an expansive jewelry collection or wears just a few select pieces, a handmade jewelry box with photos inside is something she will surely cherish forever. Use any fabric you want for the dividers and add your own adornments to the outside. Jewelry on the inside is an added bonus!

8. Ombre Wind Chimes

A wind chime can add peaceful serenity to any setting. This clay pot version with a hanging crystal gets its ombre effect by mixing your desired color with white paint for a gradual look.

Ombre Wind Chimes

Photo Credit: Undercover DIYer

9. Fabric Scrap Key Chain

Handy with a sewing machine? For the forgetful mom (or the one who just wants to look stylish), a scrap fabric key chain looks snazzy and keeps keys in plain sight. Use extra fabric and add buttons, monograms and any other extras you have lying around!

10. Mother’s Day In A Jar

Do you ever wish Mother’s Day came in a jar? Now it can when you hand-pack some of your mom’s favorite treats and products into a glass container just for her. Put together a themed jar based on your mom’s interests (hint: if she likes cooking—consolidate all the right ingredients and include the recipe!).

Mothers Day in a jar

Photo Credit: Hello Splendid

Let your mom know how thankful you are to have her with a DIY Mother’s Day gift, whether it be whimsical, sweet, fun or sentimental. Which idea do you like best? Tell us in the comments!

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