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The start of summer in New England happens on Nantucket at the Figawi boat race on Memorial Day Weekend. Asking yourself about what things to pack for Figawi?! We’re going to assist you in preparing for your party weekend including nautical outfits, bbq attire, beachwear, party dresses, and also mental preparation for the debauchery that all happens during MDW (Memorial Day Weekend) in Nantucket. Make no mistake, this may be a weekend-long regatta from HYC to ACK (Hyannis Yacht Club to Nantucket) and back, but at the core Figawi is a drinking party extravaganza, aka Croatia Yacht Week for New Englanders!

12 things to pack for Figawi

What To Pack For Figawi Weekend On Nantucket…

On this particular weekend, Nantucket Island is overcrowded with New Englanders and preps dressed up in lobster or clam-clad shorts, Vineyard Vines, and pastels. Although this type of situation often occurs throughout the summer on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Fisher’s Island, the most extreme fashion statements do afterall occur during MDW. Read on for things to pack for Figawi…

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But first, here’s a must-know fact: “Figawi” was named after drunken sailors with a Boston accent landed in Nantucket and asked,

“Where the f*ck are we?” – where the figawi?

Below, we’ve listed 12 things you need to pack for your weekend in Nantucket during Figawi.  Leave a comment below telling us about your Figawi plans or tweet us pics @nubry with your preppy outfits!

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12 Things To Pack For Figawi Memorial Day Weekend

1. Coozie – The drinks will be flowing, but not always cold. Bring your own drink cooler like this: Vineyard Vines Coozie. You’ll look uber prepared and can continue to use it all summer long in the Hamptons too!

2. Nautical – Anything with stripes to show off your nautical style. Shop for preppy clothes and Lobster Sweaters at Tucker Nuck

3. Warmth – Bring a windbreaker or sweatshirt – preferably a vintage or cut-up sweatshirt. If you need to buy a Nantucket sweatshirt, check out: Jack Wills Sweatshirts & Hoodies. (Note: there is a Jack Wills store on South Water St.) This J.Crew Gray Hoodie looks comfy for the weekend!

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4.  Dresses – Day dresses that transition into evening will be the most convenient and appropriate.  We’re thinking a casual, flowy dress with spaghetti straps that goes well over your bikini and still looks great for a night of parties!

5. Sunscreen – Wear SPF 30+ sunscreen to prevent marinating like a yam…yea, that just sounds bad!

6. Bikinis – Your bikini will be your outfit most of the time. Bring 3 bikinis: 1 in paisley, 1 with polka dots, and 1 striped.

7. Walking Shoes – Slip into a pair of Toms or Soludos for traveling to Nantucket, whether by ferry or by jet. Soludos are the most popular slip on espadrille right now and sell out quick! See below for some preppy Styles.

8. Wedges – Bring fun bright or pretty pastel wedges for when you go out. The cobblestones in the street will destroy your Brian Atwoods.

9. Sandals – Bring a cute pair of sandals so you can wear them day and night and always look cute. Shop K. Jacques Sandals

10. Patriotic Jewelry – Fun costume jewelry will be fun on the beach with your bikini e.g. red, white, and blue earrings or bangles.

11. Cute PJ’s – Many nights in Nantucket end up in slumber parties, so be prepared with your adorable pajamas.

12. Sunglasses – Opt for some trendy sunglasses.  See some cool Nasty Gal eyewear for $20-$100 here.   These will keep you ahead of the trend…everyone else will be in neon wayfarers.

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12 things to pack for Figawi Memorial Day Weekend on Nantucket

Nantucket Party Weekend Is Guaranteed To Be Fun If You Pack Right!

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