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5 Reasons To Go To Fish Taco TKO At San Diego Bay Festival

The Fish Taco TKO Competition is one of the best events to kick off The San Diego Bay Food And Wine Festival taking place on “Taco Tuesday”. During the evening, a group of San Diego restaurants create their best fish taco which is put to a vote by guests and sponsored by Dining Out! Magazine. From Puesto Mexican Street Food and Ironside Fish and Oyster to City Tacos, Sandbar, and Parq, guests are able to travel from one table to the next trying salmon, octopus, ahi, shrimp, and halibut tacos whilst casting votes for their favorites. Check out photos of the fish tacos and event-goers.

Fish Taco TKO - girls eating tacos Sandbar

Chowing down at Fish Taco TKO during San Diego Bay Food & Wine Festival.

The Fish Taco TKO 2015 event took place at San Diego’s newest outdoor venue, Quartyard which houses a permanent craft beer garden. Below are 5 reasons to go to this super fun fish taco TKO event.

1. All the best San Diego Mexican restaurants

Over 15 Mexican restaurants make a fish taco so you can eat at many different restaurants all in one night.  A one-stop-shop for San Diego tacos! There are so many different ways to make a fish taco and dress it, you’ll just have to see!

2. Take #foodporn photos of fish tacos

You can make your friends jealous by posting photos on Instagram of the fancy tacos that you are eating.

3. Drink top San Diego craft beer

Craft beer is available at the outside bar to pair with your tacos.  Enjoy beer and live music with your friends!

4. Bring your dog to Fish Taco TKO

Quartyard allows guests to bring their dogs!  A unique outdoor venue with a concert stage, craft beer garden, and a different daily food truck schedule, this is an ideal spot to hit up any day of the week!

5. Great San Diego first date spot

Fish Taco TKO is a fun activity if you are looking for unique first date ideas. Enjoy walking around, standing in line for the best fish tacos in town, drinking craft beer, and hopefully opportunity for great conversation. Either way, you’re sure to get some good laughs and photos!

Photo gallery: Taco TKO Competition at San Diego Bay Wine And Food Festival

Sandbar fish taco with fried onions

Sandbar taco at Taco TKO Competition

San diego bay wine festival nubry sand bar taco winner


San diego bay wine festival nubry taco tko quartyard2

chef making taco

taco bar

san diego celebrities take photos

Kara roudenbush natalie neece quartyard San diego bay wine festival nubry

puesto fish taco

puesto making shrimp tacos

Craft beer garden outside bar

Dining out magazine josh kopelman San diego bay wine festival nubry

Eric Adler gretchen hackmann puesto San diego bay wine festival nubry

San diego bay wine festival nubry1

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