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Cheese and wine…and bread! For many, enjoying the perfect cheese and wine pairings is the best thing ever!  If you look forward to cocktail parties because of the charcuterie plate, would pass up a chocolate molten cake any day for a taste of craft cheese, or if you are occasionally prepared to forego your vegan, gluten-free diet for some decadent cheese, freshly baked sourdough bread, and glass of wine, then you’re a cheese lover!

Don’t come across as a cheese dummy though, it’s important to know a thing or two about cheese, especially when it comes to cheese and wine pairings. Read on for our must-know cheese tips including how to pair cheese with wine, how to get store cheese, how much cheese to buy per guest, and much more!

Cheese and wine pairings and cheese tips for dummies

Taking a cheese class at Venissimo Cheese at The Headquarters at Seaport.

Learning about cheese is really fun and it’s helpful to know a few cheese and wine tips when shopping for a cocktail party or social get-together. In order to get the best possible flavor, it’s imperative to know which cheese to eat with what wine. Check out our wine tips for dummies. For must-know cheese and wine pairings plus 12 cheese tips for dummies, scroll down.

Cheese and Wine 101: Venissimo Cheese at The Headquarters at Seaport in San Diego periodically offers cheese and wine 101 classes to the public.  Here, you’ll have the opportunity to not only learn more cheese facts, you’ll also be able to taste the most amazing cheeses from all over the world.  They serve wine too!  These cheese classes are a fun way to learn so that you are knowledgeable during future cheese and wine shopping trips and so that you’re a pro at prepping a charcuterie plate or picnic in San Diego.

Interested in attending a cheese class at Venissimo Cheese? See below for the next upcoming class and details.

“American Craft Cheeses” Class at Venissimo Cheese

They’ll delve into what makes craft cheeses (not the same as Kraft!) so special & you’ll taste them for yourself to understand why they have earned international accolades. Learn a little about the art & science of craft production while tasting the best of the best from coast to coast in a fun & casual setting.

Wednesday, June 15th, 6-7:30pm | Reserve your spot here!

Venissimo Cheese at The Headquarters at Seaport

cheese tips for dummies - cheese and wine 101 class

Venissimo Cheese offers Cheese and Wine 101 Classes to the public.


Cheese And Wine Pairings + 12 Cheese Tips For Dummies

  1. Ideal Cheese and Wine pairings:
    • Pair gorgonzola or roquefort (your blue cheeses) with sweet wines or port
    • Pair ricotta or chevre (your fresh cheeses) with sweet wines, dry wines, or rosés
    • Pair brie or camembert with medium red wines or ciders
    • Pair epoisses or munster cheese with dry white wines or full-bodied red wines

      brie and wine pairing

      Suggested cheese and wine pairing: serve brie with medium bodied red or cider

    • Pair saint nectaire or tomme de savoie cheese with medium red wines
    • Pair parmigiano or gruyere with fruity white wine or full-bodied red wine
    • Pair cheddar or gouda with spicy red wines
  2. A typical serving is 3 ounces per person — keep in mind when shopping for upcoming party
  3. 1 ounce ungrated cheese = 1/4 cup grated cheese
  4. The origin of cheese and cheesemaking is unknown, but we do know that cheesemaking had become widespread by the time of the Roman Empire
  5. Wisconsin produces more than a quarter of America’s cheese
  6. Goat cheeses are an alternative for those who are lactose intolerant
  7. Sheep cheeses have more calcium and protein, and less cholesterol than cow cheeses
  8. Buy cheese in small quantities so that you can eat what you have within 1 week. Reason being is because the minute the cheese is cut from the wheel, it is exposed to oxygen and begins to dry out.

    how to store cheese in wax paper

    Cheese Tip for Dummies: Always store cheese in wax paper, not plastic.

  9. Don’t store cheese in plastic wrap, as it keeps humidity inside causing the cheese to sit in water. Instead store cheese wrapped in cheese paper yes paper designed specifically for cheese! Otherwise, store cheese in a plastic container so that it at least has room to breathe.
  10. After 6 months of aging a cheddar cheese, magic starts happening with the flavor and only gets better with age
  11. Artisinal cheese is expensive because it’s handmade in limited batches — you get what you pay for
  12. The best cheeses come from animals that graze on organic grasses, flowers, plants
  13. Typical serving = 3 ounces per person (6 guests x 3 ounces = 18 ounces / 16 ounces per lb = 1.125 lbs)












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