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How Fitn Helps You Get In Shape And Save Loads Of Money

I’m the type of person who becomes absolutely obsessed with a particular workout or workout studio and then proceeds to attend classes as much as humanly possible.  In the past, I held a gym membership ($90/month) as well as several memberships to niche workout studios in San Diego e.g. Pilates ($199 unlimited/month) and cross-training ($110), and I also saw a personal trainer each week ($75/session). My memberships alone put me at $408/month plus my personal training sessions came in at $300/month.  But, let’s get past the math, the point is, this costly workout lifestyle was not sustainable for me and probably not for others my age either.

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Note: This article has been updated to reflect the rebranding of Fitn to

Fitn offers unlimited fitness membership to studios all over San Diego!

Fitn, now Wildfire offers unlimited fitness membership to studios all over San Diego! | Wearing Lorna Jane Kickshort and Padded Tank and Beats by Dre Earphones

So, I went from a boat load of memberships to absolutely no memberships, not even a trainer — woohoo, money in the bank!  I decided that I could do my own outdoor workouts just fine, so I bought 2 sets of dumbells — 2 x 8lbs and 2x 10 lbs — a yoga mat, and a jump rope. After lugging around my heavy equipment for a while, working out soul alone at 6am and getting screamed at by neighbors for having music on, I quickly lost hope and quit cold turkey. Sad!

Enter Wildfire formerly Fitn: After months of not working out (hahaha, even more sad!), I decided to give Wildfire a try.  What’s Wildfire?  With Wildfire, you can workout at any gym and any studio whenever you want – all with one membership via an awesome mobile app.  Okay, that’s so awesome!  While scrolling through the variety of workout studio options in La Jolla, I came across spinning. Now, although I hate spinning with a passion (based on horrible past gym spinning class experiences), I thought, why not give Spark Cycle a go — our newest San Diego spinning studio.  After the 1st class, I wasn’t totally sold because I felt stupid dancing on a bike to hip music, but because everyone else around me seemed to be really happy, I gave Spark a second try. By my 3rd class, I was absolutely hooked and started attending Spark spinning classes almost every day…and no, my legs did not bulk up as I had imagined they might.  In fact, I would leave each class in full sweat and completely relieved of all my stresses, all in 45 minutes. Pretty cool!

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spinning la jolla - san diego fitn - sparkcycle

Getting sweaty at SparkCycle in La Jolla, CA.

Why Wildfire: You may have heard of Class Pass and other unlimited fitness membership competitors, which all offer access for a monthly fee (around $99) to many of the fitness studios in town. The perk with Wildfire lies in the fact that you can attend one studio as many times as you like during the month, whereas with their competitors, you can only attend a particular studio up to 3 times per month.  For me, I would die if I could only spin at Spark Cycle 3 times per month. As I mentioned before, once I become obsessed, there’s no stopping me!  Give Wildfire a try, you won’t regret it!

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About Wildfire: Every time you workout with Wildfire, they donate a day pass to the Boys and Girls Club of San Diego to keep children active and healthy.  Wildfire loves giving back just as much as they love getting fit. Wildfire is standing up to childhood obesity and working towards making a change in children’s health. They’ve partnered with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego to support the fight against childhood obesity.

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