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WATCH: Actually Good Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Man, Kids And Bestie

There’s so many things to stress about during December, but coming up with good holiday gift ideas doesn’t need to be one of them! I’ll get to that in a moment. First of all, you need to set up a tree and create a holiday-scented home…cinnamon pine cones anyone?

Btw, I’m obsessed with yummy scented pine cones. You can get them at pretty much any grocery store and here’s how you use them in your home.

Secondly, the house should be stocked with festive snacks for the unexpected guest. Yes, wine too. And cheese and crackers. Because these edible items are mandatory during the holidays (even if your diet doesn’t include dairy. Or gluten).

Actually Good Holiday Gift ideas

Cheese, crackers and wine are mandatory items to have in the house during December. MANDATORY. Also, important is a holiday music soundtrack.

Now that the holidays are upon us, you’ve likely been hit with that question. Probably the same question that you get every year. You know,

“what the heck will I get him?!?”

Along with, “what will I get her?” and “what will I get the kids?”

It’s okay, we hear ya. The holidays are stressful, mainly because we want everything to be perfect for everyone. But they shouldn’t be and they don’t have to be. Check out these holiday hacks.

Don’t worry, okay? Everything will be perfect! Seriously, don’t stress because stress is bad!

Most of all,  gifts shouldn’t have to be a source of stress because we have a lot on our plates! If only there was a holiday gift ideas video that could help us give the right gifts to the right people.

If only…

Oh, but there is! THERE IS!!!

Watch Our Holiday Gift Ideas Video!

This year, we created a holiday gift guide video. In under 3 minutes, you’ll find out what to get your hubby/boyfriend, your bestie, your kids or the children in your life, and we even have gift ideas for your co-worker.

I know, soooo amazing right? (Start watching by clicking play below or just keep reading).

But, we don’t stop there. We’ve also included several incredible gifts that are <$45. And They’re GOOD gifts! I mean, I would want them.

In fact, I’ve already bought many of the holiday gift ideas from this video. For myself LOL. You probably will too. Just sayin’.

If you’re wondering, I bought some GRLFRND jeans that I’m obsessed with. A pair of oversized DITA sunglasses. I bought a giant giraffe for Arabella. And, I picked up a beautiful recipe book because it had so many pretty plant-based recipes. In addition, I grabbed two Cosabella intimates because they were only $22 each.

OH, and I also bought two cropped sweaters. There may have been more…I feel like I bought more…

Oh yes, there was more actually! I tried out a new protein powder for my husband, but I’ve actually taken it over for myself 😉

So, major bonus if you live in San Diego. Head to Del Mar Highlands Town Center to purchase all of these gifts! You’ll be able to buy so many great gifts. All at the same location! And, you can take a break at Mendocino Farms while shopping all day.

Lunch break at Mendocino Farms.


You can get your gifts wrapped and shipped there too. That’s kinda amazing. You’ll be able to see us in action buying all these gifts if you watch our holiday video. Keep reading if you simply need a holiday gift ideas check list.

Happy holidays!

xo, Gretchen

Actually Good Holiday Gift Ideas For All Your People

Amazing Gifts for the Kids

  • Big stuffed animals (Geppetto’s)
  • Big toy car (Geppetto’s)
  • Pink scooter (Geppetto’s)
  • Painting class (CeramiCafe)

Swoon-worthy Gifts for your Bestie

  • Swoon-worthy sweater (Tucci Boutique)
  • Fur sandals/slippers (Tucci Boutique)
  • Pilates classes (ClubPilates)
  • Coffee Table Book with a hand-written note (Tucci Boutique)
  • Beauty services at Brazilia

No-Brainer Gifts for your Man

  • High Quality Protein Powder (Jimbo’s)
  • New Vitamins (Jimbo’s)
  • Gift card to buy the sunglasses of his dreams (Optometry Cabana)

Always  Great Gifts <$45

  • Adorable sweater (LOLO Boutique) + Mug (Papyrus)
  • Salad bowl and tongs (Baker & Olive)
  • Infused olive oil set (Baker & Olive)
  • 2 Cosabella intimates (Tucci Boutique)
  • Recipe Book with a hand-written note (Baker & Olive)

Featured Places to Wrap Gifts and get Cute Cards

  • Papyrus (many fabulous papers and ribbon available)
  • Baker & Olive (eco-friendly wrapping available)

So many gifts at Tucci Boutique.

All of the gifts featured in this post and video are available at Del Mar Highlands Town Center!








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