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8 Hair Accessories + Styling Tips From Bedhead To Top Knot Bun

Nothing styles up a hairdo like an accessory. You can get creative with your hairstyle or you can simply add hair accessories to any hairdo to change the look or give it pizzazz! This season there are so many stylish options to emphasize your ombre hair,  give that bun what it’s missing, or a hat for an effortlessness look! Hair accessories add style, can be very easy to use and actually help you do your hair easier.  Here are 8 of my top pick hair accessories for the holidays. For more hairstyles to try yourself, see 6 Stylish And Easy Hairstyles To Try This Winter.

8 Hair Accessories And Easy Styling Tips For A Bedhead To Top Knot Bun

 1.    Trilby Hat. This hat style has really made a statement in the fashion world this year, and can be seen on celebrities such as Taylor Swift. It’s so simple, yet has the ability to tie together an entire look with such ease. Fashion Tip: rock this look with dark aviators, or circular lens sunglasses.

8 Hair Accessories And Easy Styling Tips For A Bedhead To Top Knot Bun trilby
2.    Bow or Flower Clip. The best part about these accessories is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. This allows them to look good no matter what hairstyle you pair them with. If it dresses up a half-up half-down look, or is placed right on top of a low messy bun, a clipped in bow or flower takes your hair to another level of adorbs!

HairAccessories_BowFlower 8 Hair Accessories And Easy Styling Tips For A Bedhead To Top Knot Bun
3.    Embellished Headband. Whether it’s decked out in rhinestones or covered in beads and feathers, a bedazzled headband is basically the “black blazer” of the hair world. It can be worn with nearly anything, day or night, rain or shine, regardless if your hair is up on down.

4.    Slouchy Beanie. Nothing makes bedhead look better, than a beanie. I’m not a fan of those beanies that stick up straight off your head, so a neutral colored slouchy beanie is perfect to add not only warmth, but comfort and style to any winter outfit.

5.    Bedazzled Comb. One of the classiest hair accessories by far, an embellished comb brings elegance to a night out. Placed into the side of a sock bun, or side swept style screams “fashionista”.

6.    Ribbon. It sounds old-fashioned, I know. Satin ribbon bows have been around forever, but I think they have seriously gone underrated these past few years. Styled with curls or a high ponytail makes for such an effortless style statement. Fashion Tip: Tie a bow in your ribbon first, then cut it from the spool so you’re guaranteed the right length.

7.    Bobby Pins. Everyday girls use countless numbers of bobby pins to get their hair to behave accordingly. However, what most girls don’t realize is that a simple hair accessory is right there in our vanity. Use a few bobby pins (preferably one that doesn’t match your hair color) and create a geometric graphic in your hair- wavy side down of course. Whether it’s a triangle (pictured), stripes or chevrons, bobby pins have more power than you think.


8.    Knots and Knits. Headbands are all around us, and my favorite thing to throw on with my holiday sweater, is a knitted headband. Some are made of cloth, and feature a super cute knot.  Either way, wide headbands are all the rage this season. If you want to get a little risky, pair a patterned headband with a patterned top to really stand out from the crowd (make sure the colors do NOT clash- that’s like fashion suicide.).


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