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5 Surprising Training Myths And Exercise Tips To Improve Your Health

Lean gals run from fat gain, obesity, and disease by eating healthy and exercising regularly. Yah yah, we’ve heard it all, we know how to stay lean.  But, according to Dr. Brett Osborn, only 20% of people actually achieve the recommended amount of necessary exercise!  With the right exercise tips and training program, we all can achieve optimum health and lean figures.  Below, we debunk 5 training myths — some of which may surprise you!  Follow our exercise tips and you’ll be on your way to a healthier, leaner, and disease free life.

Training Myths Debunked + Exercise Tips To Improve Your Health

1. Myth: the more exercise, the better

Yes, exercising too much can actually be bad for you. Nice problem to have, right? Exercising too much can actually be detrimental to your body and health, not to mention a waste of time.

Exercise Tips Nubry Jen Selter

Jen Selter, Instagram phenom, shows us how to tone up the healthy way.

Moderation is key! Three to four hours per week of exercise is a happy medium and a healthy goal for weekly exercise. Yay!

2. Myth: cardio is my friend, lifting is for men

Every gal needs to lift weights and have a strength training regimen.  Lifting weights builds muscles and muscles burn more calories while at rest, while also increasing your metabolism.  Score!

3. Myth: weights will make me big and muscular

This is the furthest from the truth as women do not have the same hormones as men do that make them strong, buff, and muscular. Women who lift weights will actually just become more shapely and feminine. Say hello to curves and fitting into that little black dress or those skinny jeans!

4. Myth: product “X” will solve all of my weight problems

Products and false exercise ti0ps are pushed at us constantly, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re good for us … even if we are told they are!  We cannot build muscle or become healthy by taking a pill. Being healthy takes hard work, commitment, determination, consistency, as well as moderation. No machine, outfit, or pill will do the trick alone.

5. Myth: crossfit is the best weight loss program

Crossfit requires heavy lifting from novice athletes, which can cause injuries and thus set one’s workout goals back by months. Pounding the body 5 times per week breaks down muscle mass and is unhealthy. Crossfit also encourages eating Paleo, which is a low-insulin diet; however, insulin is a necessary part of building muscle!

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