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Do This Beach Body Workout To Get In Shape Stat

Headed to the beach this summer and slightly stressed about showing off your bikini body? Fret not, my lady, as we have a beach body workout for you that will help you get in shape instantly! Show up to the sand about 30-45 minutes early and get in a quick, solid, and efficient workout before the rest of the gang shows up. See our easy to read and pretty workout cards below! Click here to see how to transform your bikini body in just 7 days.

beach body workout - get in shape tips - print this workout

Print our workout cards below for the ultimate and fun beach workout!

During this simple-to-follow, no equipment necessary (except maybe a towel), beach body workout routine, you’ll most definitely get your sweat on while toning up your arms, legs, butt and abs!  Hallelujah! All you will need is a towel and a stopwatch — so no ifs, ands, or buts, about it — just make sure you drink plenty of water before and after, while making sure to sip water throughout your workout to stay hydrated.

Below, check out our fabulous beach workout that will leave you with an instant bikini body.  Print out these workout cards and take them with you to the beach! Happy sun bathing 🙂


Beach Body Workout Routine – Print These Cards!

beach body workout - bikini body tips - get in shape

beach body workout - bikini body secrets - how to workout for bikini body

beach body workout with cardio - get in shape quick

beach towel workout - how to get in shape instantly - tips

5 minute jog on the harder sand near the water.
40 Jumping Jacks
3 x Run forward for 15 yards, run in reverse for 15 yards

Main Set:
– 10 Squats
– 10 Squat Jumps
– 10 Pushups
– 25 Walking Lunges (on each leg)
– 10 Squats
– 10 Squat Jumps
– 10 Pushups
– 25 Walking Lunges with a side twist (twist towards the forward leg)
– 10 Squats
– 10 Squat Jumps
– 10 Pushups
5 x High Plank with opposite arm and leg extension [Extend your right arm forward and left arm back, hold for 10 seconds, then switch sides. Repeat 5 times.]

Cardio Burst:
5 x Easy jog for 60 seconds >> sprint back to the start and repeat!

Beach Towel Core:
25 x Crunches
25 x Bicycle Crunches
25 x Crunches
25 x Leg Raises
25 x Crunches
3 x [10 seconds Static Hold legs 6” off the ground 10 Second Flutter Kick, Rest 30 Seconds]
25 x Crunches
2 x 45 second forearm plank hold

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