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Workout Plans and Tips For Bikini Bodies: How To Stay In Shape For Summer

With days becoming longer, drinks getting colder, and parties lasting longer, we are constantly reminded why we love summer so very much, but also why it is so important to know workout plans for how to get in shape.  It’s the unpredictability of our summer schedules that can cause us to stray from our steady health and fitness routines and to lose track of the goals we set for ourselves all winter long. During the summer months, our lives can get out of control and schedules less concrete, as time seems to follow the sun rather than the clock.  But what about our bikini body?!

how to get in shape - workout plans and diet tips - bikini body tipsWelcome to July beach beauties!  There is no better time than now to set up efficient workout plans with your bikini body in mind and stick to it!  Below, we have listed 7 how to get in shape tips to follow and take to heart so that you can keep that summer body you worked so hard to get during the winter months.  Stay consistent with our workout plans and training and lifestyle tips and you’ll be bikini-ready all year long.


Tips For Workout Plans To Get In Shape AND Stay In Shape This Summer

1. Make It A Habit

Whether it’s 3 days or 6 days a week, make workout plans a habit.  The first few days or even weeks of doing your new “how to get in shape” workout plans may be rough, but once it becomes engraved in your daily regimen or weekly routine, it will feel un-natural to skip a scheduled day.  You will begin to feel a sensation of guilt when you skip; like you cheated on a boyfriend or lied to your mother.  Gasp! Some days you’ll be dragging yourself by the collar though the entire workout (it’s true, we’ve all been there).  But in the end, we promise that you will be happy you did it.

2. Keep Workout Times Consistent

If you make it the law that Mondays you workout at 6am and Wednesdays you workout at 12pm, you will be less likely to miss a workout because of the ever popular “oh…I’ll just go later” excuse.

3. Keep a Schedule And Log

Daily reminders of what you’re planning on doing and being able to look back at what you’ve done are both powerful tools to keep you on track.  Knowing that you will have to write down the results of your workout will help to push you onward (no one wants to write about a less than stellar session) and looking back at what you’ve done in the past will encourage you to work just as hard, if not harder!

4. Set Goals For Workout Plans

Small daily goals — monthly goals or long term larger goals — are always a great way to keep you motivated and on top of your workout plans.  Whether you are training for a race or just want to fit into smaller pants, it doesn’t really matter!  What matters most is that you are working towards something.  Aimlessly wondering through workouts without a structure or a goal will inevitably lead to burning out.  It’s also important to note that these goals WILL change overtime and that’s expected!  Motivations change as our lives change.  What’s important, however, is that we stay motivated and our goals will help keep us moving in the right direction.

5. Stay Healthy 

This means more than just “don’t get sick”, it also means to stay injury free.  Many times, it is our past injuries that come back to haunt us after we thought they were long gone.  Our bodies, just like cars, require the proper fuel and fluids, regular maintenance, and general up-keep as well.  It is very easy to run your body right into the ground and as the body begins to fatigue, you are even more susceptible to injury and illness.  So in addition to workout plans for regular exercise, our bodies require a proper diet, adequate rest, and body maintenance.

6. Get Sleep

Sleep is something most Americans let slide by the wayside because we are over stimulated (and often over caffeinated) from the moment we wake up until that last late night movie on HBO ends at 2am.  Getting a good night’s sleep means removing distractions from your bedroom (TVs, lights, computers, phones, etc…) and transforming your bed into a place where only sleep happens (not office work or eating).

7. Treat Yourself To Therapeutic Bodywork

Most know the importance of a proper warm-up and stretching, but many would be surprised to find how much better they would perform and how much better they would feel if they simply took an hour each week (or every other week) and treated themselves to a massage, acupuncture or other form of therapeutic bodywork. Many health insurance plans are even beginning to cover these forms of treatment as preventative medicine!

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Adam was born and raised in Princeton, NJ, and grew up swimming and playing soccer, tennis, volleyball and lacrosse. He attended Georgetown University in Wash, DC where he played water polo. In order to cross-train for this vigorous sport, he began to train in his own style - very similar to a boxer and alongside a muy Thai fighter and power-lifters. Additionally, he got hooked on Pilates and Yoga and incorporated them into his training program. Merging this huge array of training regimens, allowed Adam to develop speed, power, flexibility and stamina without the unwanted bulk. His intensity and results have gained a substantial following at school, which has continued on through his life. Follow Adam on Instagram: @boyheroand Twitter:@Schepps

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