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Healthy Chocolate Lovers: RAU Vitality Drink Satisfies Sweet Cravings

Have you ever dreamed of a healthy chocolate option?  Imagined that a rich chocolate beverage could be healthy for you, whilst also improving your overall health, skin, hair, nails, and energy?  Hogwash!  How could that be possible?  Chocolate has long been a guilty pleasure, cause for weight gain in women everywhere, and a source of regret following the sinful decadence. But not now!  Rau Vitality Chocolate Drink is the first cold-pressed, raw chocolate beverage free of any sugar, dairy, GMO’s, soy, or anything artificial.  Rau’s main ingredient and what makes it so incredible is the raw cacao beans inside.

Rau Chocolate Drink

Rau Vitality Chocolate Drink — Must Try This Healthy Chocolate Drink

Raw cacao or raw chocolate is the highest antioxidant food in the world, so the health benefits are immense!  Aside from antioxidants, raw cacao can improve cardiovascular health and your mood.  OMG, how could you not love this drink?!

This chocolatey goodness, chilled beverage is a must-try for healthy chocolate loving and dessert-craving gals…ahem, isn’t that everyone?  Rau Vitality Drink is the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth or chocolate craving in the evening, but it’s also fab for fueling your body in the morning with a massive amount of nutrients that are extremely beneficial for you.  And, they not only have Original flavor, but also Mint flavor — Orange will be launching soon!!! Yummy!!

So, you can now hold on to your chocolate addiction.  With Rau, you’ll never have to feel guilty about eating that bar of chocolate, because you simply won’t need it!  Read on to see more healthy benefits and yummy facts about Rau Vitality Drink.

Editor’s Note: Rau Vitality Chocolate Drink can be purchased at Whole Foods, Jimbos and Sprouts in select California stores.  For more information, head over to


The Healthy Chocolate Facts Of Rau Vitality Drink


  • 100% organic cacao beans with a perfect hint of organic spices and raw vanilla bean
  • Made from single-origin, raw heirloom Ecuadorian cacao beans – considered to have the best flavor profile and highest availability of antioxidants, plant nutrients and minerals
  • High Pressure Processed to protect the flavor and nutritional benefits of the superfood cacao bean
    healthy chocolate drinks -- rau vitality drink


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  1. Ava

    Great read! Gonna have to give RAu a try so I can feed my chocolate obsession the healthy way. Thanks!


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