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Beginner Yogis: 5 Ways To Fit Yoga Into Your Busy Day

The popularity of yoga has been on the rise in the healthy living world for some time now, and it’s no secret as to why more and more beginner yogis are hitting their yoga mats on the regular.  Feeling like you’d love to start making a habit out of getting your Om on, but aren’t convinced you have any extra time to do some yoga?  Many newbie yogis notice improvements in their overall health and wellness, including higher energy levels and lower stress levels.  Additionally, practicing yoga increases flexibility, muscle strength, and athletic performance.  There are many different types of yoga out there, so it’s important to find the style that best fits you – after all, the more you enjoy it, the more likely you are to stick with it and look forward to your yoga practice.

Below, we show you 5 ways to routinely fit a little yoga into your hectic schedule! If you’re a newbie yogi and aren’t sure where to start when it comes to doing your own yoga poses, there are many free resources online that can give you some ideas. Get your Yoga pose Google on!

5 Ways Beginner Yogis Can Fit Yoga Into Their Day

  1. While you’re cooking dinner – Do some standing Chaturanga yoga pushups against your kitchen counter as your soup simmers. Practice some overheard stretches or Warrior poses while you’re waiting for those veggies to sauté. If you have more than a couple of minutes (for instance, if you’re cooking rice or waiting for a lasagna to bake), head into your living room for a quickie yoga sesh.  Even just 5 minutes gives you time to power through some Vinyasa Flow sequences or to practice some headstands.finding time for yoga - newbie yogi tips
  2. At the end of your workout – Are you a person who chooses higher intensity exercise over yoga? We can totally relate, as we can be sweat junkies too! One way to incorporate yoga into your workouts is to take just a few minutes at the end of your run, bike ride, boxing session, or whatever you’re into, to do a few sun salutations and yoga poses and stretches. Not only will it end your workout on a relaxing note, it’ll also help you to build more flexibility. It’s a win-win!
  3. While you’re watching TV – Do you curl up on your couch at the end of most days to catch up on some television? Why not multitask for just 10 or 15 minutes of that time to practice some yoga while watching your favorite show? You can even just strike some yoga poses during commercial breaks, and still experience some of the calming and toning benefits of yoga.
  4. At your desk – Do you typically work at a desk most of the day? If so, one way that you can fit yoga into your work day is to take a 5-minute break whenever you get the chance to do some stretches. Even if you feel like you’re always busy, chances are there are teeny breaks in your day that you might not even realize – such as when you’re waiting for a conference call to start.  Another ideal time to take a yoga breather is when you’ve finished a project, but want to look it over once more before sending it out. This is a great time to close your eyes and do some overhead stretches to relieve tension in you shoulders, neck and back. It’ll help you to come back and proofread your project with a more focused mind. You don’t even have to leave the seat at your desk – try clasping your hands behind your back for a chest opening stretch, or leaning to one side with your hands raised above your head, holding for a couple of breaths, then stretching the other side.
  5. Whenever you have a few moments to think – We all have times in our day when we’re waiting: waiting in a line at the grocery store, waiting for the light to turn green when we’re driving somewhere, waiting on an insanely long line at the DMV. Next time you find yourself waiting, wherever it may be, know that you can take that time to soothe your nervous system and decrease your stress levels. Yoga isn’t just a physical practice of exercise and movement, it’s also about breath and meditation, among other things. Take a few deep breaths and picture yourself inhaling light and positivity, and exhaling out all of the negativity and self-doubt. Note a few things that you’re grateful for today. You can even pick a mantra to repeat to yourself daily that’ll help to keep your mind in a positive, centered space. Make a habit out of taking a few moments to breathe and clear that busy brain of yours whenever you get the chance. It’s a small healthy habit that can make a big difference!

We hope that you find these beginner yogi tips useful to figure out ways to incorporate yoga into your hectic life. Namaste! For more health and wellness tips, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter in the sidebar above.

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Nicole Crane is the writer behind the healthy living blog Foodie Loves Fitness. She is a certified wellness coach, writer, and long-time vegetarian with a passion for eating, cooking, baking, and all things related to real, delicious food. Nicole loves to stay fit through a variety of workouts, including boxing, HIIT training, hiking, yoga and spinning. She lives in the San Diego area, where you can frequently find her roaming farmers' markets and conquering hiking trails with her dog. You can find out more about her by visiting her blog called Foodie Loves Fitness, or following her on her social networks including Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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