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How To Lose Fat: 4 Diet Tips To Get Your Body In Fab Shape

Girls always want to know how to lose fat and ask, “how do I get rid of ‘this’?” while usually tugging at a little extra something around the side of their waist, butt, thigh, etc.  Unfortunately, there is no way to spot-reduce.  Instead, getting rid of “this” involves working larger regions of one’s body and if worked correctly will lead to an overall body transformation, rather than just “this”.

How to lose fat - victorias secret angels - healthy diet tips

Find out how to shape your body the way you it, just the VS angels!

With the right healthy diet tips and workout regimen, women can actually reduce their waistline along with seeing fat loss elsewhere in the body!  In other words, if you tone up your glutes, you’ll also tone up the rest of your legs, core, and midsection as well!  So true!!

Everyone has a little “this” they wished looked like “that”. Guys, girls, athletes, super models, young or old, it doesn’t matter, we are all in at least some way self-critical and envious of what someone else has.  It’s impossible to make your body look identical to someone else’s though…you simply can’t fight genetics and bone structure.  But, what you can do, is take the canvas you have and work to paint a different picture on it.  Getting there is a journey, not a race, and certainly not a day trip.  Like anything, it all starts with understanding the first few steps in order to get you headed in the right direction.  The Victoria’s Secret Angels look the way they do because they put a lot of really hard and dedicated work into their body shape and diet. Below, we’ve listed 4 not so obvious diet tips to get in shape, lose the unwanted fat, and get your body looking the way you want it to!


How To Lose Fat Plus Must-Know Diet Tips

Tip #1: Don’t sweat the small stuff, sweat all the stuff

Stop trying to target only one comparatively small section of your body. Instead, focus on targeting your entire body, head to toes.  Your figure will stay more balanced rather than developing, for example, strong and sexy legs without the rest of the body to match.  Nothing looks weirder than a woman with great arms and a great back (yes ladies, men check that out too), but with legs and a butt that look like she’s never done a single lunge in her entire life.

Tip #2: Sweat it out

Cardio is a necessary evil.  Good thing is there are tons of ways to go about doing it.  Spin class?  Running?  Swimming? Jazzersize? All of the above?  Sure!  As long as you are getting your heart rate up by moving (versus just sitting in a hot room sweating), you are getting in that cardio which typically requires large energy expenditures and thus burning calories.

Tip #3: Keep sweating…

Results take time, so be patient.  Also, we see overselves in the mirror every day so it’s sometimes difficult for us to notice small changes with our how to lose fat plan.  So, take a before picture!  It’s nice to have a point of reference as well as a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Tip #4: Healthy Diet, period.

Stay conscious about what you eat, how much you eat, and when you eat it.  Food is fuel and our bodies have an incredible mechanism to store fuel.  Unlike cars, whose gas tanks overflow when filled any amount over capacity, we figure out a way to hold on to extra fuel sources and stash it away for later use.  To complicate matters, our bodies require all sorts of nutrients (fats, proteins, carbs, electrolytes, vitamins, etc…) in order to function.  So, to maximize our body’s ability to work (and workout), we need to make sure it is getting the right fuel necessary to carry out its basic functions, but not too much that we store it away as fat or too little that we have no energy to exercise.

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