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Nubry Nude Podcast: The Vida Well Talks Inflammation, Bone Broth & Alkaline Water

This week on the Nubry Nude podcast we sit down with Torie Borrelli of The Vida Well to chat about the importance of eating local at the farmer’s market, bone broth for gut health and inflammation, alkaline water and more. We talk to Torie, San Diego wellness expert and nutritionist, about eating organic produce and meats and why you should shop local and ask questions at the farmer’s market.

Find out how to wash and store your produce after bringing it home, and why you may want to skip the grocery.  Search Nubry in iTunes to listen to the full podcast episode or click here.

The Importance Of Preventing Inflammation In Your Body

We discuss inflammation and how to lead an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, which is so important! Inflammation in the body is the cause of chronic disease including Alzheimers, Autism, Cancer, leaky gut, obesity, and Diabetes.

nubry nude podcast - how to get rid of inflammation with The Vida Well

Listen to Nubry Nude podcast with The Vida Well to find out how to lead an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and diet.

Even headaches, acne, bad sleep habits, and so much more are as a result of inflammation in the body! We need to make a change in our diets and it starts with the food we eat.

Bone Broth As A Superfood

Torie describes how bone broth is one of her favorite super foods and how drinking 1 cup 3 times a week will do wonders for your hair, nails, skin, and digestion. Get more details in this podcast about bone broth and its benefits! Click here for Torie’s bone broth recipe.

Disease Can’t Grow In An Alkaline Environment

Lastly, we chat about alkalinizing water, plastic bottles, filtering chlorine and heavy metals out of our water, and testing the pH of our water. Drinking alkaline water is necessary as it makes our bodies less acidic.

Disease grows in an acidic environment, but not in an alkaline environment. Our bodies have a pH of 7.4 and it’s essential to stay in tight range to this slightly alkaline pH. Tap water, for example, has a pH of  7 which is neutral and some bottled waters like Dasani and Aquafina have a pH of 5-7, which veers on the acidic side.

Listen to this week’s podcast to get vital information about leading an anti-inflammatory diet, which prevents against disease. Please send us your questions on Snapchat and Instagram. Username: @nubry.

Search Nubry in iTunes to listen to the full podcast episode or click here.

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  1. SpecialParent

    Be careful stating things such as… “inflammation cause of Autism.” It’s not known, not even science knows how Autism is caused… if that were true there would be a CURE.


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